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The prim and ‘propah’ way of having meals meant going for the right  crockery and cutlery.  When we were just married and had the freedom to set about equipping our house we left no stone unturned to buy everything that made that possible. 

We would proudly invite guests and set the table to detail.  We had maids to take care of the nitty gritty. It was work to say the least. 

All that is history now.  There is just one maid and a part time gardener and with age I have kind of lost interest doing what we did in our younger days 

We have a buffet table where vessels in which food is cooked is placed there.  The plates and cutlery are placed on a shelf that is attached to the buffet table.  

The formal  crockery and cutlery is now languishing in the showcase.  Such is life?

  • Do you still use the entire cutlery and crockery to set your dining table?

    • Yes
    • No


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