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Sonos Wireless Speakers

One of the things I love about the improved technology around us is the reality of speakers. I love music. I have long chased good speakers and good musical systems. I had a stereo in my house for many years.  But the technology of speakers has improved. I the concept of wireless speakers has changed the world of music. Back when I first had a home theater area in my living room, I also had wires all over the place. The house we have in Germantown, MD, actually has jacks for speakers all around the house. Back in the day, that is how you wired your house for sound. I realize that most people don’t care about that. It isn’t something that t=people stop and think about all the time.

But I do! Sonos is the system I choose, and I have a good friend that chooses the Bose. I’ve listened to both wireless speaker systems and honestly, I can’t say which one is better. Other than one is at my friend’s house and one is at my house. We have speakers in 5 rooms in our house today. On various holiday mornings, I turn the music on in every room. We can go into our basement set up and play records for every speaker in the house. We can also play cassette tapes and SiriusXM on every speaker in the house. Right now, there is Holiday music playing on all the perks in the home. Wireless speakers are easy to set up and operate. Once you have the first speaker setup, you can quickly add others.

We also added a subwoofer in the basement and the living room. That way, the full fidelity of the music and be heard. Unlike older speakers, there isn’t as much of a moving speaker system to wear out, and wireless speakers last many years. I also like the sound. With subwoofers, any musical system sounds better. The better the speakers the better the system can sound. But the other side of the speakers is how integrated are they. We can play records, television shows, DVDs, cassettes, and internet radio sources as well as terrestrial radio sources (AM/FM) in any and every room that has a wireless speaker. Plus, you can control all of that from your phone or tablet! The beauty of a Sonos or a Bose system is that you can start with one speaker.

Hopefully, everyone is having a wonderful day!

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  1. We have stereos and wireless speakers at home but we hardly [play them anymore. Hubs plays it once in a while when he is in a mood.
    The boys play the music for us and we sing together. We have enjoyed those times at Christmas more than the music played on the stereos. We will really miss them at Christmas this year.

  2. When I listened to music, there were no such options … I never had strong speakers at home because my parents would go crazy … but I always had powerful speakers in the car … today, I just need the normal speakers that you get from the ice tower I have. ..

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