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Sometimes the world and time are passing by

Thousands of everyday things – important, even more important, burning and deadly – so many that we no longer notice how we get tangled and stuck in that tangle.

And the world and time are passing by.

It’s so wrong! After all, we have tried to live our lives the best, so why is the reward for the efforts –  an unbroken web? 

Freedom, it looks it’s far away, like the moon, out of reach.

But one day we will getaway.

I started dreaming about vacation. Wherever I go and whatever do, it stuck in my mind. It so hard to wait till autumn. Especially when today is a rainy day.

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  1. Being a struggling online writer my problem is that I just keep writing because I enjoy it and I love the bit of money it gives me/ Unfortunately I remain sitting when I should get up and go walking at least twice a week and remind myself there is a world out there. I have gotten a bit of a virus this week so once I shake it I am going to attempt to do that.