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Something Intriguing on This Month’s Dashboards

Just to inform you and correct myself about my previous article, Update on the “Last Month’s Earnings” and (the Explanation of) How the Dashboard Updates (and How to Interpret It…!), where I stated I wasn’t sure if May earnings appeared in the (Total) Unpaid section of the Dashboard (they usually always do) before the payments were made because I missed when that happened, while I could and can see them in the Balance, I noticed Lacho’s post, We have an updated board, yesterday where she actually posted the print screen of the Dashboard before the payments were made where you can see May earnings actually appeared there before the payments were made…

I also noticed something interesting which made me wondering… I noticed that both Lacho and I (not sure if it’s the same with you too) have very similar – almost identical amounts in the Last Month and in the Unpaid sections (although her and my amounts are, of course, different between themselves!) – that the sum earned in the Last Month (June) is almost identical to the one that was paid now and earned in May, so that made me thinking…..

What do you think about this…..?

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  • Is it the same with your earnings too – the Last Month (June) earnings almost identical to your earnings and payment for May?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Not sure

What do you think?

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  1. There’s a big difference between my May earnings and my June’s, just because I wasn’t very active last month, so it had to be like that. 😄 $7.11 vs $1.56.
    It would have been awesome if I also got $7 for June, but that would have been unfair. 😂
    So I guess you’ve been steady with your activity the past two months, kudos! 😉

    • Hehehe, ok, I guess some people are not paying their attention to it much, especially due to the confusing updates of it… :/ It was just about the May and June earnings, but no need to worry about it and overwhelm yourself with it, I was just wondering….. ;/)

    • Yes, I know what you mean, sometimes it’s that, but I was surprised to see it since I’m not sure mine are always the same and the numbers on both Lacho’s and my dashboards are like that for those two months…
      Thanks very much for commenting…! 🙂

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