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Something About The Sky ~ Sky Sunday

Paying attention to the sky wherever we are is always very pleasant. The mysteries of the sky so often shift our attraction from limited beauty, from the beauty of worldly scenes toward It, unless our minds are indeed tempted and bound by worldly things.

As a perfect symbol of the paradox about duality, the sky is an active character who is very intelligent in playing his role. Even as a parable of the truth.

We can see a piece of sky that keeps changing from behind a window in a house shaded by the sky, and indeed that is the truth, a piece of truth, maybe a mini truth, even that’s a truth which is very debatable if it must be compared to the sky from another window, another frame. Even in the open, the sky can still be blocked by many things like trees, bridges, sophisticated warplanes, sunglasses, etc. as other truths. Even in the most open places, we still see “half” of the sky because the other parts are hidden behind the horizon. Indeed, the frameless sky is truly unlimited.

Absolute truth is like an infinite sky that covers everything which limited, while relative truth is like a narrow and limited window frame. Divinity, True Truth, Pure Consciousness, pure intelligence is an infinite sky while everything we know, or we believe is just like a frame and a window even though that knowledge and belief have been passed down through generations.

That is the reason why I do not want to think of the mind as the captain or determinant of truth. The mind tends to strengthen the ego (my religion, my people, my tribe, my group, my family, my wealth, my position, my knowledge, and especially myself) and create projections and fantasies and falsify the truth. Only if the mind stops, is calm, and becomes clearer in other finer dimensions will begin to enter.

The spiritual point of view considers knowledge and belief to be blind ignorance as well as Galileo who was previously punished by ignorance of dogmatic beliefs for saying little truths.

  • If you live in the same age as Galileo, will you join in punishing him?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Do you agree that knowledge – about anything – is not a true truth?

    • Yes
    • No
  • If you agree or disagree, do you have a reason?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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  1. +Facts not in evidence is the legal term. It refers to supposition and arguments raised by an attorney that is not bound to evidence in the overall case.

    Information is useless.
    Knowledge is at best a slippery slope.

    There are two sides to everything. The problem that Galileo ran into is one we are experiencing now in the modern world.

    Who is right?

    How do you determine right?

  2. Sometimes, a new discovery on something can be fun to read, whether you agree with it is another thing. Science and tech is always improving, When the “folding” phone rumours started coming out, everyone thought it’s some gimmicks for views/attention … but now, Samsung have one and Huawei have one!

    Perhaps we still live in the rules of the people ahead of us … but sometimes breaking a rule, breaks the boundary into something better … or worst … it’s unknown.

    • We really have to have an open mind to step on new discoveries and new knowledge, and that still those all has the truth, completes the truth or changes the truth, although it is still not all truth.

      I think almost all innovations or inventions have started from violations of boundaries.

      • Having an open mind is important… if science and tech is evolving, I would believe so is the “truth” … Perhaps there is never a “true truth”, just truth of the common believes or mostly believe … or even worst what is release as the “truth” … Bleh, I’m getting confused myself lol :/

        But yeah, breaking boundaries seems to be the “key ingredient” to innovation …

  3. Well, with my acquired knowledge I would not have punished Galileo, however you need to consider that people in those days were not very well educated and ignorant of many things.
    It is people like Galileo who only recently found out new knowledge, and was brave enough to come forward with it, that are hugely responsible to contribute to what we know today.

    Science is an organised knowledge, and mankind is an evolving intelligence.
    A cup of sugar, or salt or any substance is not a pure substance, because that which is not seen is often with it.

    Same with science. One day they say Soy is good for you, then next Soy is bad for you and then as we go forward, the experts change their minds.

    Sometimes we need to keep an open mind and others make up our own minds.

    • Open mind, it is a very important thing to accept or understand the truth, I strongly agree with you. I think in some aspects of human life in general today, openness, especially as a result of technological progress, has developed well, but in certain cases such as knowledge of what we believe, our beliefs about what we know, or otherwise against all that we do not we know and we don’t believe, all of which we consider to be truth, still not significant. Well, although maybe that is only in my perspective.

      Again, I strongly agree with your idea of ​​the importance of openness, and this writting is about it, and of course so that people are moved to make their own decisions.

      Thank you for your deep thoughts, Pamela.

  4. It’s true, we can’t evolve if we let the ego restrain our minds.
    I think fear plays an important role in this: it keeps us in a bubble, protected but trapped at the same time. How many people would want to leave a fake but comforting certainty for anything unknown?

  5. I would not have punished Galileo for his belief in Heliocentrism. Who has the right to determine if he was right or wrong. We should all be allowed to have our own beliefs, both back in Galileo’s time and the present. Just because you have the knowledge and the facts, there could still be facts you are not aware of. Just my opinion.

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