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Some Virily Practices – Opening Posts – The Most Profitable Way in Collocating Virils When Opening Posts – Tips for Earning More

In my previous post, Some Virily Practices – Commenting – The Most Profitable Way in Collocating Virils When Commenting – Tips for Earning More, I posted about earning more by collocating Virils when commenting, and the point to have more daily Virils to spend (for other people’s posts!) is by commenting (/replying) other people’s posts first and then commenting (/replying) your own posts because commenting our own posts (first) also (somehow) spends daily Virils for commenting other people’s posts too… The point of the article was not to tell you how to comment but to make you aware of that fact so you could use your daily limits to the most… That is, of course, the most important for the people who comment other people’s posts a lot…

I explained everything in the article and here I want to present something similar to that but when opening posts…!

Maybe you noticed but there are daily limits for opening posts too. There is a limit for opening “regular” posts (stories, images, galleries, open lists, and similar) and there is a limit for opening Polls and Quizzes… Both of these two limits are 100 of each, but the problem – very similar to the one when commenting is that when you are opening Polls and Quizzes first you are (somehow) also spending the daily Virils for opening regular posts…! So if you are opening a lot of Polls and Quizzes FIRST you will have less Virils for opening regular posts later…!

The reason for this is very similar to the one explained in the post about commenting and it is that the Virils are counting all together in this situation too…!

When you are opening posts this way you will have less Virils for regular posts but you will still be able to open much more Polls and Quizzes than the daily limit for them is but only because all these points are actually summing up so you will be able to open them until you reach the gathered daily limit (I’m not quite sure if it’s in the number of posts or in the number of points (Virils))…! But, the problem is it is not like that when reversed – you can open regular posts only until the daily limit for them…!

So in order to be able to open more regular posts (and earn points for them) the “advise” is to open them first (until you reach the daily limit for them) and then open the Polls and Quizzes (until you reach the daily limit for them)…

It is not a problem to open them all at once when there are not many new daily posts (and some people generally don’t open all or many posts) but when there are, since there is much more Polls than regular posts lately, it can happen that you spend a lot of daily Virils while opening Polls and Quizzes so you won’t be able to get Virils for some of the regular posts that you open…

Here comes the thing I explained in some of my previous posts about earning more by opening posts… – some people don’t earn much by posting or are not getting much comments so in order to earn more you can earn by opening posts until you reach your daily limit for that…

But, even though there are more Polls than regular posts lately, there is much more regular posts than Polls and Quizzes generally, so if you are using your daily limits for opening posts to the most, after some time you will open all the Polls and Quizzes, like I am almost about to do now, so since there won’t be many Polls and Quizzes to open daily (at least not to use the daily limit for them) you will be able to open only regular posts till the daily limit…

So the idea is it would be great if it would be made for regular posts like it is for Polls and Quizzes too…!

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  • Did you know about these daily limits?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Did you know about this order in these daily limits…?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Do you think it would be great if the admins made it for regular posts the same as for Polls and Quizzes… – to be able to open more regular posts than the daily limit for them is when there is not that many Polls and Quizzes…? 🙂

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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Written by tasartcraft

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  1. Though I know there are daily limits, but I don’t know the order of them. Thank you for sharing this, though I don’t think I have hit the daily limits, it’s still good to know and follow. 🙂

  2. That means having to carefully check whether the post I’m going to open is a regular one, or a “special” one. I wish it was easier to figure out. Well, on the profiles you can see the bigger preview, therefore you can read “take the poll/quiz” and know it’s the “special” kind, but on the Latest page this doesn’t seem to happen.

  3. Not quite clear about how to get the optimum advantage. Is there a place where we get to know the daily count?
    In any case since I am still getting my bearings here I doubt if I will ever exceed those limits.
    Thanks for the heads up

    • It also depends of your time… No, unfortunately not… You can track your points only by the notifications you are getting….. (Or if you meant the overall daily points, then you can see them on your “Profile” or in the “Ranks”…)
      Hehehe, yes, I know you are new here, but some people are opening posts to earn points too, then comment what they are interested in… You will see how it’s the best for you when you get to know all the things here and also, depending on your time to spend here… Opening posts till the daily limit(s) usually takes around a half an hour… You don’t have to do it of course, it’s just one of the ways to get (and give at the same time) more Virils…
      Welcome…..! 😉

    • PS When it comes to the optimum advantage….., hmmmmmmm, not sure too… I’m usually always opening posts first, then commenting (first other people’s articles then mine), but like I said, it also depends on your time… You can always do all the things at the same time, these are just some things to have in mind… 😉 🙂

  4. Even in this case, I have never reached a limit. I work on Virily usually only in the evening and it’s as much as it allows me time. I first return visits to my friends. If I still have some time left, I see another interesting post, but this is rare.

    • Hehehehehe, thank you very much…..!!! ;D OK, that is great, and now you know how to earn more when opening posts, hehehehehe…..! 😉

      Sometimes it happens you are opening posts and it seems you are getting no more Virils for that, like you already achieved the daily limit, but sometimes it is actually because of this, so when you try to open a Poll or a Quiz or a VS after that you will see you got points for them again, so that is actually one of the things I explained here too…..

    • Thanks very much for thinking so…! Yes, of course, I understand that….. This is just for the ones that are doing like that…
      PS What did you mean by “a list on the limits”, what is “a list” there…..? :/

  5. This is an informative post for members here. I no longer remember the time when I opened posts to the limit because I only opened and read posts from those who were willing to interact with me. What’s more, lately my time has been more limited to being in Virily.

    • Yes I think so too, thanks very much…! I can understand that although I think opening just for earning points is ok too… I guess we are not obligated to communicate here so some people are earning that way too… Yes, that is understandable…

  6. A tad confusing but I do notice that when I am going through my notifications and replying to comments it shows me that I have earned so and so virils. I do as much as I can here and post as much as I can. I enjoy reading the posts others have put up.

    • Of course it shows…! I’m just saying (and I don’t know how you’re not familiar with that since you are an old user) there are limits as stated in the FAQ’s and here I explained something some people maybe weren’t aware of, and that is the way how Virils are spent even though it shouldn’t be like that…..

      Of course… This is just an info for the ones who want to use their limits to the most and earn daily as much as possible…..
      Thanks…! 😉

    • RasmaSandra, I do just fine without all the confusing viewpoints of others. I opened this one because someone asked me if I could figure it out. I jumped quickly and saw your comment. I have some that always read and others I occasionally open one or two I had not intended. I learn something from most of them.

      • I thought you exclusively said to me not to ever visit nor comment your posts and was always shushing me when I was replying to someone else’s comments in your posts the way you did now…
        I don’t mind it… But I mind when someone completely misses the point of the article…..

        This article was not written to tell other people what and how to do/open or comment posts, it was written to inform people what is the most profitable way in collocating Virils when opening posts due to the daily limits..! Since not all the people open that many posts it is not important for them – as I already mentioned in the article, while there are some who are (only) opening posts and earning that way – as I too already mentioned in the article…, so I don’t know what is not clear… Everyone can do whatever the way they want, this is just a help for the ones who want to use their daily limits —to the most—, like I too already said in the article……!!!

      • I also remember you reporting all of my comments asking of me to stay away from you while I was trying to explain what you actually previously did – something very similar to this – (down)voting my articles…. Like I tried to point out in your articles but you were always reporting all of my comments, I don’t understand people who are asking such things and then (for the 3rd or 4th time) come to those people’s articles, (down or up)voting them, and then even commenting them like you just did now…..!!!!! So I’m asking myself….. – are you normal or something is wrong with you………?????????!!!!!!

  7. As I said before, I do not have problems with daily quotes, dear Tas … not by opening, not by commenting … I already have too much time on Virily….and some will probably benefit from this

    • Hmmmm, not sure what you mean….. I think we already talked about this and I remember you actually said you are doing it the same way I described here….. That is why I actually wrote this post – for the ones who are not aware of it…..

      • Yes, my dear friend …. I’m doing so somehow I just never did so much that I would not give Virilyev … I think that this has already become an obligation for me, but I do not want … I do not want to become a Virilian addict …

        • Hmmmmm, sorry, still not sure what you mean…..? :/ Did you mean you never opened so many posts to reach the daily limit…..? If that is what you meant, then ok, I understand then… I thought you were opening that many posts but seems you meant something else…
          Yes I know, I kinda feel the same but sometimes it’s just interesting for me… It’s just when I don’t post I can earn that way too…..

          • Exactly so … I did not go beyond the daily limitations …. I have already withdrawn for a while and this is what I’m thinking right now … so I only post 3 posts a week … every other day

  8. I never count any virils or posts I open. However, I have not much time for commenting as I am a working person and sometimes I have very little time for Virily. But If I can or found something interesting I comment.

  9. Thanks for the informative post. I am no longer complying with these rules. Because I feel obliged to people who have visited my posts. Will I get or no more Virils. I go collegially to my friends. My opinion is as follows. Remove these restrictions at the expense of the publications. Have a limit of, say, 5 posts per day.

    • You are very welcome….. Of course, but after you visit them there are probably some Virils left for opening posts (or maybe not, hehehe ;/))… It is not something someone must do, just saying it for the ones who find this info is useful depending on how they’re doing here… I’m always visiting everyone – in advance actually so I can still visit many other posts too, not just of the ones who are visiting me….. And I generally post less than commenting other people’s posts so sometimes there is a lot of Virils to spend…
      Yes, but I’m not sure that would be good for the site traffic and earnings….. :/

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