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Some Virily Practices – Commenting – The Most Profitable Way in Collocating Virils When Commenting – Tips for Earning More

Some time ago I published about the ways for earning more on Virily by opening articles and some coincidences but now I want to pay attention to something when commenting…

Some time ago, after I answered all of my notifications, I went to comment today’s new articles and soon after I already reached the daily limit for commenting (other people’s articles) which surprised me so I couldn’t manage to comment on all/many of them… The thing is that when I was answering notifications, I was answering them all at once, which means I was replying to all the comments, all the replies to my comments on other people’s posts and other people’s comments on my posts… Also, when someone thanks me for a comment I say “Welcome” because, first, I feel that way, and second, that way I also give them points if I somehow forget or don’t manage to comment on their other posts (although I might stop doing that)

But seems that if you comment on other people’s posts and your own at the same time (simultaneously) you reach the limit (for other people’s articles) faster…, meaning —– seems that all the points earned for that are calculated all together into the daily limit so when you are replying all the comments (notifications) together you reach the limit much faster, but if you comment other people’s posts first – answer all the replies to your comments on other people’s posts and comment on their (new) posts first (until you reach the daily limit for other people’s posts), you can still answer to all the comments on your own posts after that because there is no limit for that (or, at least, it is much higher…) therefore able to earn more than you would if you commented (replied) to all the received notifications at once (simultaneously)

I’m not sure how it happens but I noticed that if you start replying to comments on your own articles first it sometimes happens that you get 2 Virils for a comment on your own article and 1 Viril for commenting at the same time although I’m not sure it’s still happening or just all the Virils both for other people’s articles and our own are calculated together (Virils spent on our own articles spend the ones for other people’s articles too)… :/ – there is a similar thing happening when opening articles but about that later… If that is so I think it would be great if the admins solved that so those two limits would be calculated separately so we wouldn’t have to do those two actions separately too – at least it would be much easier not worrying if we will spend some Virils for other people’s articles while first commenting our own…! 😉

On the contrary to that, if your new article(s) is(/are) published that day you might want to get it(/them) in the Most Commented ones as fast as possible in order to attract more views and comments that way, so in order to do so (if you didn’t get enough comments on it/them) you have to comment (reply) on it(/them) too, so that way you miss to comment and earn by commenting on other people’s posts too, at least you will have less daily Virils for that…

Also, you can always do the first practice first and leave the second one for later although if you are doing like that it can also be very time consuming commenting that many articles…

The question is, which of these two practices are and earn better… (?) :/

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  • Did you know about these daily limits?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Did you know about this order in these limits?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Will you start practicing this (the first practice)?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Maybe
  • Do you find the second practice better (more profitable)?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Do you think it would be much better if the admins separated those two limits so it wouldn’t matter which practice would you do first…?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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Written by tasartcraft

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  1. It’s indeed odd to get two notifications for one comment I submit on my own article. I thought they had to be separated already, but good to know they aren’t. Or sad to know, actually.
    I’m usually not too concerned about limits when it comes to comments because I don’t really comment much, and I usually find easier to comment on my own posts first so I know whose posts I’m going to visit and comment next. 🙃
    I’ll try to follow your advice if I ever get very active again. 🙂

    • I think it happens only for the first couple of comments… Yes…, I don’t know why it’s like that………
      Yes, I can understand that… I am usually commenting all the people who are visiting me so I’m kinda doing it in advance actually, heheheheheh…… 😉
      Hehehe, not a problem, it’s not something that “has” to be done and everyone has their own ways, it’s just an info that would be good to know and be aware of if commenting much….. 😉 Thanks anyway…..!!! 🙂

    • That’s ok… Hmmm, I already told you the limits in that other article where you first asked me about them (not sure which one was it), but: unlimited for commenting/replying to comments on your own posts, 50 for commenting other people’s posts (also to have in mind the thing I explained in this article – how they are spent depending on the order of using them), 100 posts to open, and 100 polls, quizzes, vs’s and similar to open (also to have in mind how the Virils are calculated depending on the order of opening them from that other article)…

    • Hehehehhe, ok… 🙂 I supposed it was something like that, hehehehehe…..! 😉
      Well….., you are kinda right… If we are active and earning them by that why not earning for that too… It is also referred to all the other limitations as well as guest views which are disabled now – I’m not sure how’s that fair… 😐 But I guessed it was because of the earnings, maybe we are not earning them enough so they could give us for all our activities…..

    • Thank you very much, I am glad you appreciate them….. 🙂

      PS I know you are not commenting much so it is probably not much important for you but I hope you understood this post is also about the most profitable way when commenting – how to use your daily limits when commenting in the most profitable way (at least the one I found out about…..! ;/))….. 🙂

  2. haha hello my english is limited, that is to say null.
    everything does google so I’ve gotten myself translated by jejej
    so I can not answer you.
    I just started after a long absence.
    and as it is said in my land I am green.
    thanks for always pass and comment.
    I sometimes lack time
    happy day friend

    • Hehehe, yes, I understand some people don’t comment that much so it is not that important for them but it’s just good to have in mind when answering your own posts that it spends the daily Virils for other people’s posts too (at least it is what I noticed and how it looked then, maybe they changed it now or will (hopefully) change it….. :|)
      That is great, and thank you much, I will be glad if you would find some good info for you…..!!! 😉

    • You could also reply below in our thread, but doesn’t matter, I guess the answer went here by accident…

      Yes… The daily limit for other people’s posts is 50… 🙂 So in order to earn more I usually always comment and reply other people’s post and then my own although it takes a lot of time if doing it like that…..
      Also, if you have a lot of comments in your own articles and doing them first you can soon loose Virils for other people’s posts (that is what I noticed but maybe they changed it now or will change it – it would be very good….. ;/))

    • Thank much, very glad you like them and find them interesting…! I think everyone should know about this in order to be able to use the daily limits to the most, but, of course, everyone can choose the way they want to do it… Not all the people comment that much so it doesn’t affect them… ;/)

    • Yes, there is a limit only for commenting other people’s posts and it’s 50 comments a day, while there is no limit for commenting on our own posts… I was just wondering which one of these would be better but I guess there are advantages and disadvantages and it’s probably very similar in the end, although I do tend to use the first limit to the full… Welcome… 🙂

        • Yes, that is probably because of the thing I explained in the post… Either you already commented 50 posts (of other people) either you commented a lot on your posts FIRST so you spent a lot of Virils for other people’s posts…!!!

        • Well, yes, I think so too… But on the other hand maybe they made it that way so we would comment on other people’s posts as well, not only reply our own as some people do… Or it was simply a mistake in the program so I wanted to make this post because of that too, to pay their attention to it to change that if possible…..!

          PS When I said “FIRST” I actually meant MORE too….. Because commenting on our own posts spends Virils for other people’s posts too, that is what I was explaining in the article…!

        • PPS Actually people who comment (answer) only to the comments in their own posts probably don’t even care about it, so I actually meant that maybe they thought that would be the way people to comment other people’s posts more (first) and then answer comments on their own posts if they want to earn more – use the limits to the fullest, although I do find it unfair in a way, so maybe it is just a mistake in the program, pfffff….. :/

          There is a similar thing when opening posts and I’m preparing an article about that too…….!

    • Yes, there are, but only for commenting on other people’s posts… Glad I informed you then, hehehe…! 😉 Hahahah, yes, it takes a lot of time to comment that many posts but if you want to use the limits to the best then you can do it like that… I think they are written in the FAQ’s…

        • Oh, of course…! No one said it must or should have be done (now)… Just saying to be aware of it (whenever) since it’s useful for the ones who are commenting a lot if not aware of it… ;/) Although who knows what what and how will be changed in the meantime…..! ;/ 🙂

          • You never know what they will figure out … because you saw how last month they lost the value of Virilya …. they do what they want … they are the main ones, we are sheep

        • Oh, no, Lado, don’t think like that… The value of Virils doesn’t depend on them personally at all… I think it depends on some other outside factors, like the traffic and earnings of the site, ads, and some similar things… Although I do agree some things are done unprofessionally by them and that they could be done much better…
          Yes, who knows what will they change… The only thing I know is what I was said and that is that they are working on improving the platform and have “big plans” for the site….. :/

          • I do not know … you probably know a lot better than I do … I do not really bother with them … but it’s true that this relationship is not fair … sometimes it seems to me everything is stupid … I’m waiting for this approval, and if you write to them, you do not get any answers … because I do not … can have a night and sweet dreams

        • Yes, I understand you… It’s not fair, although I was said by the admin they are working by their priorities…
          From my experience with them I do notice sometimes they don’t answer but that every message is noted and problems getting solved… For example, if you want to edit an article you just send them the info and tomorrow it’s edited even though you don’t get the answer… The thing they are not answering doesn’t always mean they are not working on the problems… I think they are answering if there is a personal problem that needs to be solved, but it also have to be explained precisely to them since they are not always aware of some of the problems… Also, i noticed they are not answering if it’s a general problem they are working on… The only thing is that sometimes they need much time to solve some of the things but who knows what is the reason… – maybe not enough stuff or something like that… :/
          OK, good night…..! 😉

    • Yes, that is a normal thing but I think you actually didn’t understand what I meant… I meant that sometimes when you start replying notifications and start with the comments on your own articles you can get 2 + 1 Virils (2 separate notifications) for the first couple of such comments instead of only 1 notification and 2 Virils for your answer…

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