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Some New Ideas for Earning Virils (and Improving Virily Traffic) and Some Coincidences

Some of you know I published a poll some time ago about what to do and how to earn more during weekends (or other days) when there are not that many new posts to visit (to read the post and get some ideas visit the poll here: Published Posts During Weekends POLL), and now I want to add something to that post…

I recently started opening all of your old posts that I missed… I already opened all the polls and quizzes, because it is much easier to browse the Polls page than the Latest posts page since they are now arranged in thumbnails since recently while the Latest page is in a list, and there is not that many Quizzes so I easily found all the ones I missed some time ago when I was away…

I also saved and remembered the pages of all the people who visited and commented on my posts during that time and everything since I came back in order to visit and reward them too…

So now, when there are not that many new published posts (during weekends or the other days – the number of daily published posts almost never reach the Limit for opening posts like sometimes used to), I go and visit/open the posts of those people I missed OR, the idea I recently came to – go on the Users page, and what I decided is to start from the Last Active users who were the latest active because that order is much easier than the Last Active which changes constantly, usually with the same people that are already in the Ranks list switching or the ones that I missed and mentioned above (I already talked about visiting those people’s posts in Published Posts During Weekends POLL), and they also usually have the least number of posts so it’s very easy to go through many of them, and also, why not reward them a little too…! 😉 Also, there are also some members with not just few posts but more, so it came to my mind that maybe that way I’ll give them some points (Virils) they were missing for the payment to reach so when they see that or the visits and received points maybe they’ll come back…

Although it is probably less possible, while I was going through those members’ posts I bumped to some old members like Yucca and Peter who kinda intrigued me so I wondered about them for a little bit, like why aren’t they posting anymore and similar, and guess what, in a few days, those were the exact 2 users that actually came back to post!…  I contacted them almost right away to tell them about that but it turned out that wasn’t the reason why they came back but some other, so either it was a simple coincidence, either my intuition or “the law of attraction” worked here… 😉

Anyway, my thoughts are that maybe if we (some, many or all of us) in such occasions or whenever or sometimes we’re able to do so, maybe it would also affect some old users to maybe start using Virily again and that that way it could also affect traffic on Virily therefore maybe even the Viril value…

So, what do you think…?

  • Do you like the idea?

    • Yes
    • No
    • So-so
  • Do you think it could inspire old (latest active) members to come back…?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Maybe
  • Do you think it would/could increase the traffic of the site?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Maybe
  • Do you think the increase of the traffic of the site would/could also raise the Viril value so we all earn more from that…?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Maybe

What do you think?

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Written by tasartcraft

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  1. Yes, I can try that. Will go to the trending list and start with that. I have often noticed that I see a new post when I log into Virily and will click on any random post, and sometimes when I have commented on someones post I see a new post on the other side and click on to that.
    I don’t know if that helps anyone or not but it is worth a try

    • Yes, that is always an interesting way to explore… It’s also an interesting way to reward others…

      For sure nothing I write isn’t a “must”… It is just presenting of the ideas I find the most profitable… It’s something I found the most profitable… But it’s on other people to practice different ways if they find them better…
      Usually, even when you open all the new articles from the latest, and answer all the notifications, there are Virils left for commenting AND opening posts… Since the daily limit for commenting is much lower than the daily limit for opening posts this is something I suggested to practice after one finish commenting (or to do it before that)… Therefore, everything I wrote about here and in my other posts is meant for the daily limit for Opening posts…

  2. They (Goodblogs) only accept articles that are directly relevant to the subject-matter of the site. So for Ofhorse, it has to be about horses in some way, and for Rolling Without Limits, it has to be something to do with disabled people, wheelchairs, mobility aids, etc. So unless your work is somehow related to either of those subjects, no, they wouldn’t accept it. Articles have to be a minimum of around 300 words long, not sure what the maximum no. of words is (but most of the articles are between 300-500 words long). They used to have other sites related to business, marketing, computers, technology, etc, and they were good earners, but sadly they have now all either closed or they still accept articles but now don’t pay for them. I think that might have been the problem – they could no longer afford to pay writers! They weren’t getting enough revenue through sponsorship.

  3. Thank you! It’s deeply encouraging when people visit, participate, show genuine interest in the discussion on our posts and what we think and feel about issues important to us. 🙂 Your ideas and acting on them, are, indeed, win-win! 🙂 You have inspired to do the same for other Virily writers.

    • Welcome! Yes, I agree with you, that is the most pleasant although what I actually wrote about here is mostly meant for opening articles of the users that are not active anymore… I’m not sure commenting on their posts is sensible since they are not active so it’s maybe better to save those Virils for the users who are active, although you can always do whatever you feel and like… Thanks, I’m really glad you think so…..!!! 😉 🙂

        • Oh… ok… I thought you didn’t care while I’m commenting as many of your articles I can… :|/ Not saying you didn’t comment a lot on my other articles, just I’m used to you to always notice my new articles too…
          Anyway…, I have one in pending, seems admins didn’t publish anything today (possibly a free day for them, who knows… :/), which is exactly about commenting our own posts and other people’s posts, how to make some order in it to earn more… 😉 Although I do understand it’s sometimes not possible when there is a lot…

          • I’ve been really busy with my brother’s wedding, which threw off my whole schedule. Still trying to normalize, so give me a day or two before you panic

        • No… The dashboard is everyone’s problem too, it’s the same on all, and both of my 2 pending articles were sent back to drafts today, and I don’t know why…! The last time I wanted to publish about deductions it was done the same with an answer about them and “members not to think deductions are real”, so I asked to change the article and transform it into an information from the admin so it was accepted…
          Now I wrote 1 article about comments and the other one about the situation I mentioned in the previous comment and both of them returned!!! And you know I was said before we can write about anything we want …!
          There are almost only Verified users’ post in the Latest for 5 days which is not normal!!!!!

        • I don’t know…! That is what I’m talking about… I even submitted an article about it, and not the whole dahboard being updated (Month to Date was and is missing) so it even occurred to me they will stop paying, so I expressed all of that in my article and it was rejected!!! i even wrote one other article which took me like 5 days to write – about commenting and how to wisely use those Virils and earn more (but I also mentioned my disappointment with other people here who don’t care much about “returning the favor” and that article was rejected TOO!!!!! :|EEE
          The admin didn’t answer me ANYTHING about it!!!!! None of them…!

          If you take a look, there are just a few new posts in the Latest!!!!! :E

          • I made a poll and asked “do you think admins are on a April the 1st vacation” among all the other questions where I suspected not being paid and similar and it was rejected…! So I’m furious now because you know I was said we can write anything we want…!

          • PS This is the first time this is happening to me here while a few other users told me they are waiting for a couple or several days…! I said to them it thankfully never happened to me, and then it happened!

          • I’m not sure you read the (whole) article… I think you should read it in order to know and understand what I actually talked about…

            Sorry, I’m not sure I understood what you wrote here..? “My old posts”…? Put them where…?

        • Thanks, glad you like it, but read the whole article to understand what I actually wrote… I mentioned old users from the Users list and also active users with less points… You don’t have to do, it is just an idea and a suggestion, the things I’m sometimes doing….. 😉
          Thanks! 🙂

        • Sorry, you didn’t understand… I didn’t mean “you don’t have to read my post(s)” but “you don’t have to do what I suggested as an idea in my post” which I advised you to read in order to understand better what I meant… (don’t know if you read all of my replies here…)
          You of course don’t have to read my posts too, but in order to understand the idea I presented here you would have to fully read it..

          Thanks, I’m glad you find my posts interesting and worth reading…!

          PS I didn’t understand one of your previous replies here, I already replied under it if you could explain better what you meant…?

  4. The idea to visit Last Active users is something I haven’t done again for a long time. I think the reason is my limited time, even to respond to all comments from the notification I have spent a lot of time while I have never been able to just let or ignore the notifications just like that.

    Basically, the idea of ​​intuition or telepathy really caught my attention, but certainly not many people acknowledge it or believed it. Another problem is that the method is difficult to measure. But no matter what reason, you (and I if I have time) can do it, while simultaneously training the strength and sensitivity of your talent, true?

    • I understand that… No one said you should ignore notifications, this is just “an advance” for the ones who find it interesting/useful/possible, it’s certainly not a “necessity”…

      Some people notice coincidences and syncronicities but don’t pay much attention to it.. I think there are even some scientific studies on that… Not sure what you mean…..? :/ I don’t think it can nor see the need for it to be “trained”, it simply exists all by its own, only some people notice it some don’t…

  5. It’s currently hard for me to find time, but browsing through Virily, especially polls, is definitely part of my routine. When I had more time available, I also viewed articles through tags or categories, and I used to look at the Users page as well. ?
    I guess I should either find a way to be more productive, or get more time to continue my activity as an ‘explorer’. That was surely a good idea, thanks for the reminder and suggestion! ?
    Now that the site is fast again, it’s going to be more enjoyable.
    Are new registrations still closed?

    • OK, it’s understandable… That is great too, and a different way to visit different posts… I never do it that way, I just go through the Latest list, visit certain users’ pages or the posts from the “You may also like” when I want to reward them, I find it more practical, although what you described can be interesting too… 😉 Here I more meant just opening posts so I think it’s more practical than what you described, but if you want to find interesting posts and comment too then your way is also good and interesting…
      Well, that is on you to decide… I think what I wrote is practical and fast when comparing to reading and commenting, but everyone has it’s own ways and maybe there are better ones…! :/ Being explorer here is interesting too..
      Thanks, glad you like it…! 😀
      Yes it thankfully is although it still happens from time to time to be slow, and I agree… 😉
      What registrations…..? :///

  6. Hi, that was funny wasn’t it? … your intuition … called us back 🙂
    Peter and I haven’t been on the site for quite a while and on a whim, we decided to check it again, even though we do not have that much time as we used to 🙂

    The site seems to have some problems … it takes forever to load pages, but eventually it works, hahaha

    • Yes… :))
      I know, he told me… 🙂 Maybe I “sent” you some thoughts unintentionally or just sensed yours… ;D

      Yes, currently is slow sometimes but it was much worse in the previous 2-3 weeks since it was the maintenance going on and probably still is….. Yes, eventually it does, haha ;D

  7. Sounds like you have some good ideas. I can’t really say whether they will really help to increase traffic here though. This site is a very, very slow earner, and if often doesn’t seem worth posting here, unless you just do it for the enjoyment. I am trying to earn some money here, but progress is painfully slow really. I am only here at all because I have a lot of time on my hands at present, since I recently lost my job. I often wonder if I am wasting my time on this site though, if I could be using it more productively doing something else.

    • Thank you very much… Well, when it comes to earning, it depends on our own activity and the Viril value… My guess is that the Viril value depends of the traffic too so if the traffic is increased then the Viril value should be too… The thing is that it usually takes 2 or 3 months for me to earn but I was surprised to actually get the payment after only one month in the previous month…! Actually, everyone was surprised to get a very high amount in the previous month…!!! 🙂 I checked the dashboard then and the Viril value was higher than ever so I think that is why…
      I’m sorry for what happened to you, I sometimes have the similar questions, but I’m not sure I know any other site that pays more and faster… Actually this is one of those that are maybe among the fastest…! For me, I like it’s creative side where I can also share my artworks… I know it takes a lot of time to spend here if you want to earn, but in order to earn you have to constantly work on that, which means publish posts, comment other people’s articles, open as many posts you can and reply comments… Also, some people share articles, that is what earns too…..

      • The minimum amount for payout is $10, right? And you have managed to earn that in 1 month? I have been on this site for around a year and a half, and have only had 1 payout of $10.74, after about a year! I have been on here a lot more since January, posting and commenting on a lot of other posts, etc, but my total Virils amount is still only around 17,000. I think I will get paid at the end of this month, but by my calculations, it will only be around $12! Not much at all for all of the time and effort I have put in. Do you share your posts a lot on social media? Maybe I need to do that more.

        • Yes… It usually takes 2-3 months depending on my activity but now it was in only a month, and I wasn’t posting almost at all, only opening and commenting other people’s articles (but mostly only opening), and replying my notifications… Not to mention other users who earn much more and much faster than I earn (I don’t know how…)…..
          Heh, well that is what I’m talking about….. I haven’t seen you being that active, almost not active at all… rarely seeing your posts and I don’t remember you commenting almost at all… You have to “work” every day here which means (this is what I do): open as many posts I can (to the daily limit), post my own articles (not that often but I tend to be more often in that), replying all my notifications, commenting other people’s articles (also as many as I can, till the daily limit), and that’s all. I don’t share on social networks because my audience is very small so maybe I will share only when it comes to “presenting my (art)works”..

          When it comes to your dashboard I’m not surprised you didn’t have much points because of what I explained above, but it also could be your dashboard isn’t working and maybe you should report that to the admin to check it… If you are looking at the Viril amount on the “Profile” page that number should be correct too, although I’m not sure what to tell you since it seems it’s different on different profiles. :/ I think it is a normal amount ($12 or $14) to get as a payment, I usually don’t get more than $14 too, and I think other people too… I got the payment in February and seems I earned around $14 in January only, but like I said the Viril value is currently very high and that is probably the reason so for around 8000 Virils (which I’m not sure how I reached in one month – that is why I and other people were surprised so I thought it was a mistake…) I got $12… Now I’m waiting for the dashboard to update…

        • PS You don’t get much from sharing on social media because there are no more guest views, but you get referred visitors Virils for that sharing… (only 1 for each link I think, or 2 if you share again after 24h… – that is what one member told me, if I understood well…:/)

          • Thank you for clarifying that but I *have* been very active here over the last couple of months! Since I lost my job in the middle of January, I started coming on here again, have posted quite a few things, and just lately I am on here most days viewing a a lot of different posts, commenting , responding to notifications, etc. I still only have around 17,600 virils, earned since November last year, last cash-out. My Dashboard hasn’t been updated since the end of January – it has just been Pending since then. I think I will report it, but they are not very good at replying to messages here.

        • If that’s so then I think you should be paid now, like you said… You will see when the dashboard updates.. It’s just weird to me that you were that active and waited a year for the payment – that’s what I meant… It’s impossible to be that active and not get a payment that long… – in that situation I meant something might be wrong on the dashboard then….. I’m also just saying, I still rarely see your articles, very rare, only once in a while, and I’m opening ALL of them every day…..

          I know how hard is to get an answer from them although you could try contacting the Virily Editor (or Natalie) directly in a private message, he answered to me recently like I described in my post about “Deductions”…..

          You can also check daily how many Virils you earned, and that way you can be sure if it is moving correctly… 17.000 since November sounds quite fine to me – not easy to earn that sum…

          • (PS For awhile, until you started posting again and answering comments I thought you are maybe one of those advertising profiles who just post – like “no real people”, if you know what I mean, I don’t know how it’s called in English… :/ So being interactive more would attract more viewers too)

          • (PPS If you take a look there are some members that post 3 posts a day… It’s too much for me to post that much but among them posting just once in a week or 2 weeks or more is not that good…:/)

          • Hi again, thanks. I don’t post here every day, but usually about once a week, so I don’t know why you aren’t seeing my posts. I am active on here though, have been since January – as I say, I am on here every day commenting etc, so earning Virils that way. So you think earning around 17 000 virils since November is quite standard? My Dashboard hasn’t updated in ages, since the end of January, but I gather it only updates about once a month now anyway? It used to be every day, or nearly every day.

        • Hi… 🙂 Ok, my standard in posting was usually one post or two a week (maybe 3 just sometimes) before, but now I tend to post more often, when I’m able… That way I was earning min $10 (or a little more) in 2 or 3 months depending on my other activities too (opening, commenting, replying)… When you see 3 posts a day by the same people (who are also the highest in the ranks) maybe should increase your presence a little bit, but if you don’t feel like it then it’s ok… 🙂 I don’t want to sound like I’m forcing you to something – it’s just my opinion….. Yes, I noticed you are now here a little bit more often but didn’t notice that much (nor commenting just till a few days ago), maybe it’s my mistake and my own subjective experience… :/ It’s great if you are active and doing whatever you can to earn though… 🙂
          Well, I think, at least it seems to me, it’s a regular sum for that period, although maybe it could be a little higher, but since you were active since January and less active before then I guess it’s ok… :/ (?)
          The dashboard wasn’t updated somewhere around Dec and Jan, and it took around 2 months to update (the holidays I guess), so it was updated in Feb (I think) and that is when I received my payment which surprised me (and all the other members) because it showed very high earnings in only a month… Supposedly I earned 8.500 Virils only in Jan, while all I was doing then (I think) was opening posts and replying many notifications I had, I also posted a few articles and maybe commented a little… Also it was = $12 which means the Virils value was very high…
          Now I checked the dashboard and seems the Viril value was the same during Feb too (I can see only the Last Month section on my dashboard currently and that section was corrected today after I wrote to Virily Editor that my whole dashboard shows Zero from the beginning of March except the very small incorrect amount in the Last Month so later I saw a different, higher amount in the Last Month so probably he corrected it, but everything else is still zero so I’m waiting for the update… Although some other members told me they can see some amount under Total too while my changed into zero at the beginning of March – I wrote a post about it and some members told me it is now a usual situation…..) yes, it now updates only once in a month – when the payments are, and earlier it was more regular, that is what many complain to, including me… 😉

          • My Dashboard hasn’t updated since the end of January. I didn’t have that many virils then, but have earned quite a few since then, now at around 17,600, so should have reached the cash-out amount by my estimate. Will I get my payment around 31 March, do you think? Only a few days in that case, I hope. But I am worried I may not, since there has been no activity on my Dashboard since January, so maybe it is broken, as you say. 🙁

          • Also, I am trying to submit more posts here, a few each week if I can, but it is all time-consuming, as you know, and I often need that time for other things. If I post about 3 blogs a week here, it will take me a few hours in total, I imagine. Is it really worth spending that amount of time on here, when the earnings are so slow? That time might well be better spent doing other things to increase my income. I write for other websites too, but there is no guarantee of getting paid for them – I do earn money for some articles, and not for others. I am trying to work out how to best spend my time and efforts – I think it is a question of balance really. That is why I am asking you about earnings here, and how it works. I appreciate your advice, as I can’t seem to get a reply from any of the site admin staff here at present.

        • Not sure about your payment, I can’t say anything until you see how much you earned in $, but for that your dashboard has to be updated… You can try contacting Virily Editor personally if the dashboard doesn’t update till the end of the month and tell him about your earnings (points) too and that you think you should have been paid already..

          Yes, I understand you… It is time consuming and takes a lot of effort and time to earn the minimum… Of course…, you should find the balance and do other things as well, and if other blogs earn you more money then do them first/more.. Do not feel “obligated” to post here more often if you’re not able to… Yes, balance is the key and I really spend a lot of time here which is not good…! :/

          • Hi again, thanks for that advice – I will wait till the end of the month then, and contact the Virily Editor if I don’t get paid. Should I just PM him on his account here? Or send an email? He hasn’t replied to the last couple of messages I sent him, that’s the trouble.

          • Do you know the Goodblogs sites? They are a collection of blogging sites covering different subjects and areas of interest. Those are the other sites I am currently writing for. The thing is, although my articles for them are usually accepted and published, there is no guarantee of getting paid. How it works, is that they take a small selection of all the blogs submitted and published in a certain week, and promote a few of them to the home page. So you only get paid if your blog is promoted, and then they pay between $15-20 per post, which is pretty good earnings for an article of around 300-400 words. But as I say, no guarantee of getting promoted and paid – it’s a kind of speculation really. I find that most of mine do get promoted, since I have been writing for them for a while, so the money I earn from them is invaluable to me. But it often takes a while to get them accepted in the first place – sometimes the editors will send the submitted blog back to you several times for revision before they will accept it, and even then, no guarantee of being paid, as I said. So that is why I wonder if it might be better to spend more time on here, since the earnings here are a sure thing, even though very slow.

        • Yes. You can send him both if you want, i wrote him a PM and sometimes he answers and sometimes not, but he did answer to 2 or 3 of my latest messages… The thing is that maybe he didn’t answer because no one’s dashboard updates regularly but it Does update at the end of each month… If you tell him that it didn’t update for 2 months and that you think you should have already been paid looking at the number of Virils you have I think he should answer…
          The dashboard is updated yesterday, but only the Last Month section, and the Unpaid under Total (2 same numbers), check if you see it…

          No, I never heard of it but it sounds great if they pay that much! I also understand it is not regular so maybe you could write for them and while preparing an article (they send it back to you several times) in the meantime you could be active here, if you manage of course…

          • Yes, that is what I do, I try to switch between Goodblogs and here. What I generally do is submit an article to one or two of the Goodblogs sites, and while I am waiting for them to either accepted or sent back to me for revision (which often takes a few days), I come on here and post and comment. I might try the Virily Editor again then. It’s all a bit hit-and-miss here, isn’t it? Frustrating and demoralising.

        • OK, that’s great then… Yes, unfortunately it’s something like that… I think if everything is ok they don’t answer but if something is wrong they do, but I’m not sure if they answer when something is wrong and they don’t know how to solve that….. :/|

          • They have a bunch of sites covering different subject-areas, but I am not sure how many of them are still up and running, and how many still pay writers. I used to write for one called, which has articles on health and well-being, but although they are still going, they no longer pay their writers. There is another, http://www.theflamingvegan, who feature articles on everything to do with the vegan lifestyle – I earned quite a lot of money from them for a few years. But they do not appear to be publishing any new articles at present – there has been no activity on the site since November last year.

          • The two Goodblogs sites I am still writing for are (anything to do with horses), and (content of interest to disabled people). I have been earning some money through them over the last couple of months – they pay $15-20 for an article of 300-400 words, but as I say, you are not guaranteed to earn anything. If you sign up to either of those, let me know, and maybe we can support one another on there, help each other get promoted and paid! It works by other site users voting for one another, i.e. clicking on their articles and registering the vote. Then usually the ones with the most votes get promoted. You have to submit photos to illustrate your articles as well, but they don’t accept just photos on their own.

        • OK, thanks much, I understood everything. I’m not sure I will apply there but if I do I will let you know.
          I actually meant the rules for writing an article, like can I and what can I write about my own work, is that approved, appreciated, welcomed and similar.. Does it have to be a long article and what kind of an article if I write about my own work… :/
          There is a site similar to that one, called Hubpages, it started working the same like that one (niche sites), but I think you have to write long articles there. I’m also not sure what could I write there about my own work.. You could try it too but I heard it’s very hard to earn there while some other people claim they earned A LOT there so don’t know what’s the truth… :/|

          • They (Goodblogs) only accept articles that are directly relevant to the subject-matter of the site. So for Ofhorse, it has to be about horses in some way, and for Rolling Without Limits, it has to be something to do with disabled people, wheelchairs, mobility aids, etc. So unless your work is somehow related to either of those subjects, no, they wouldn’t accept it. Articles have to be a minimum of around 300 words long, not sure what the maximum no. of words is (but most of the articles are between 300-500 words long). They used to have other sites related to business, marketing, computers, technology, etc, and they were good earners, but sadly they have now all either closed or they still accept articles but now don’t pay for them. I think that might have been the problem – they could no longer afford to pay writers! They weren’t getting enough revenue through sponsorship.

          • I signed up to Hubpages and submitted an article (at least one, as far as I remember) but didn’t earn anything through it, so gave up on it. That is what I heard from other people too, that Hubpages is a very slow earner, like this site. It didn’t seem worth it. I also didn’t find it very straightforward to use, whereas this site is at least user-friendly (for the most part).

        • Yes I know that, I actually asked in case there is a site for art what kind of articles do they accept…, meaning – can I write about my own artworks, publish them with some description, or it has to be another type of art articles – about art generally………
          OK, thanks…

          Thanks, good to know, I suggested it to one other member here too so I will have to inform her about that…! Yes, it’s a little complicated to use, and this one is much easier…

          • Ah I see. As far as I know, none of the Goodblogs sites cover arts subjects.As I say, there are only two still running that I know of which still pay writers: Ofhorse and Rollingwithoutlimits. I think I might not bother with Virily too much for a while, as it seems like you have to spend an awful lot of time and effort here to earn a pittance. I’ll leave my account open though to see if I can generate some passive income:hopefully I’ll still get some views on my posts when I am not here. I guess after a year I might get about $10 that way! Not much but better than nothing. I’m going to use my energies elsewhere though, as I really do need to earn some extra income, and it is way too slow here.

        • I’m sorry to hear that… But I did plan to open all of your posts that I missed… When I was away I earned around $2 for 4 months, but when I’m active it takes 2 months for $10 while it takes 3 when I’m not that active… You can’t be a little here while not writing for that other site…? :/|

          • Hi again. Yes, if you could look at and comment on my posts as much as possible, that would definitely help! Yes, I might come back here now and again, in between writing for the other sites. I just find it frustrating and exasperating that earnings are so slow here, especially since the Dashboard is only updating about once a month now. But I’ll try to come back here from time to time.

        • I meant opening of the posts, like I described in this article, but when it comes to commenting, I too want to earn and don’t see the point of commenting if you are not here… There is a daily limit so if I’m commenting I tend to do that with people who also comment on my articles too, although it doesn’t always happen even with the people I comment the most, so I might comment on some later…
          I too feel exhausted sometimes, especially because of the thing I described here and because it takes a lot of time…
          The thing the dashboard updates only once a month doesn’t mean you earn less but I understand it’s better to know where you stand.

          • Hi, I see that you have just looked at a lot of my articles, so thank you very much for that! I will try to return the favour when I have time. Is there a limit to how many comments you can make it one session on here? I didn’t know that. Whenever I view someone’s post I always try to comment at the same time, then we both earn as much as we can from it.

          • Re the Dashboard updating only once a month, I know it doesn’t mean we earn any less, but trouble is, I find it demoralising just seeing “Pending” the whole time: it makes me feel like I am not really earning anything. It makes a difference to me to be able to see the earnings increase, even in very small amounts. Every little helps! The problem with it being so slow to update is that it means I have to wait that much longer to get paid: I’ve got nearly 18 000 virils now, which by my reckoning should be at least $10, cash-out amount. But because a lot of that has been earned in March, and my Dashboard only shows the cash amount up as far as February, it means I’ll now have to wait till the end of April to get paid. 🙁 . Frustrating. Never mind.

        • I will answer all later but the dashboard is updated in $ for February and there you should see how much you earned, it is now under Unpaid in Total and in the Balance; it was under Last Month and Unpaid before April started

          • Yes, I’ve got Feb’s earnings, but not March yet. What I meant was, if my Dashboard had updated for March, I should have been paid by now, as I know have accumulated enough virils. But now I will have to wait until the end of next month. Oh well…At least the total amount will be more by then eh? Since it will have rolled over from March, as well as the other months.

        • The Dashboard — February is updated but Month to Date (March) wasn’t and isn’t… Now we are waiting March to be updated as the previous (Last) month and then all your previous earnings will be summed up with March’s and if that is at least $10 you should get it in May – Payments are always the following month and the April’s update should be around the end of the month..
          So it doesn’t matter when it’s updated because you always get everything on time..
          “Pending” — yes, it would be better if it updated more often but we can’t change that. It was updating regularly before but now it’s not, I don’t know why…

          Opening posts — yes, I opened everything… Thank you.
          Commenting — there is a daily limit – 50 Virils for commenting on other users’ posts and no for your own. I have an article about Virils for commenting in Pending, there I explained how I think it works.. You get 1 Viril when commenting other users’ posts and 2 when you comment your own posts. The author always gets 2 for a comment. You can comment 50 on other users and still comment your own after that, but if you comment both at the same time, you reach the limit for other users’ posts faster – it’s smaller then. You will be able to read everything in my post…
          Not sure what you meant by commenting…? I said I always tend to reward people (by opening and commenting their posts) who don”t do anything in return after that..

          • Thank you for that. Oh, so I will now have to wait till the end of MAY to be paid?! That’s even longer than I expected. I’ll leave my account open to earn some passive income, but I am not planning to be here that much, as I need the time to try to earn income other ways.

        • No…, sorry, in April… February earnings + March earnings (which update at the end of April) if =/> $10 you get it when the Dashboard updates (at the end of April). I don’t know why I mentioned May… (I probably overcalculated it… ://)

          • LOL! It is quite easy to get confused here though isn’t it? Especially when earnings are so slow and the Dashboard now only updates once a month. That’s cheered me up a bit – hopefully I will get something at the end of this month then! That gives me an incentive to keep going.

        • Yes I hope so since Month to Date wasn’t updated and now it even happened 2 of my articles that were waiting for days to be approved to get back in the drafts by the admin! It never happened before my articles not to be approved although he stopped one recently (for the first time)…..! I’m furious!!!!! And with no answers really furious!!!!!

          • The thing is that if you look at the Latest page there are almost only Verified users’ posts currently…! Only few of regular users.. I saw yours is pub lished so I don’t know why my and other users’ aren’t..! I’m Really Really pi**ed off right now……!!!!!

            Yes, things are very confusing here, and I’m also very much fed up with selfishness of other users too…!

          • Not to mention admins not answering when they should!!! This is beyond frustration now, even more since I have been told by an admin before we can write anything we want…!

  8. Great suggestions. Although I am not that active here on Virily, I always try to get on it at least once a day to look at some of the posts and up vote them or comment on the content. But I am not one to share either as my web presence is almost nil. BTW I took up your suggestion about hubpages and should be publishing my first post soon which is going to be a longer form of my series on the First Nations with different tribes. Glad to see you are back with a bang…

    • Hey, thanks much, I’m glad you like them! 🙂 OK, I understand that although I’m sorry you don’t post that often here… ;/ BUT, I’m glad you liked the Hubpages suggestion and now trying it… 🙂 I wish you good luck in that and I hope you will let us know how it went…!!! ;D Thank you!!!

  9. Read your post with great interest. I didn’t know that there’s limit for opened posts. I am not regular here, there’s so much unread here for me, I cannot imagine if there are users who can read all new and many old posts. Maybe it’s hard for me because the site works TOO SLOW to be here more. To add to your idea, quick work of Virily will aso alttract many people.

    • Thanks Natalya, I’m very glad you liked the post!!! Yes, there is a daily limit, it is written in the FAQ’s (How Virils are rewarded), although it is not updated so it’s actually a little higher than stated in the FAQ’s.. There is a limit for regular posts (images, galleries, lists, etc.), and it is a little different for polls and quizzes, so when you reach the limit for regular posts you can still open a little more polls and quizzes… 😉
      Yes, of course, I can understand that… Well, then, this is just an idea in case you somehow ran out of new posts which is probably less possible since, like you said, you are not that regular here… You do not have to feel “obligated” to do so, nor anyone “HAS” to do so…, this is just an idea in such occasions…..
      Yes, the site worked too slow for days, it was due to maintenance but, thankfully, it’s much better and faster now…! So don’t worry, it’s probably because they’re still working on it when it happens….. 😉

  10. Well, you see, I came here a year ago for a profit. But the money’s earnings were small and today,
    Then some of them told me that they are here for fun and sketching fun.
    Personally, I think that the vast majority here is just to earn extra money.
    The site, in my opinion, is quite slow, I can not put up a quote for two weeks.
    So if I do not tell you, I do not know if I looked at your post.
    I’m probably out of habit here and I hope that it will be better in every way.
    Hi, Robin.

    • Thanks…! 🙂
      Did you read the post…..? I wrote about how to earn more Virils daily by opening some extra posts, take a look…

      Many are here for only an extra profit and some are here both for extra profit and having fun. I personally like both, and what I like the most is the creative side…
      The site was very slow because there is the maintenance going on (I wrote about it in my previous articles), but now it is much better than it was, so don’t worry…..! 🙂 I don’t know why it takes so long for you to publish an article (if that is what you meant) because articles are usually published the morning after you subbmit them…

      • I read it and understood what you wanted to say.
        My answer was more about my opinion about Virily.
        The last quiz of History was written 21 and published on 26th.
        It was two days off weekend when they did not post my posts but 21-26 …

        • OK, I thought maybe you didn’t read it… I know it is a long article just thought it could give you some ideas… 😉

          OK, I know…
          Wow, how’s that possible…..?! I know over the weekends it’s slow or nothing till Monday, but That IS long… I don’t know how nor why it happened… (?!?) :/

    • Yes, I agree with you Sharon…! I’m glad you like it! Thanks!!! Yes, I agree with that too, although before there were points for guest views too…, unfortunately now they are removed… :/ But I heard you get 1 referred visitor Viril for each unique share… I’m not that good at sharing, it didn’t have much effect even with my posts so I usually don’t do that but I agree it could increase the traffic too… 😉 Although, I might start sharing again sometimes…..

      • That is one of the missing items in the notification. The guest views. I used to get a lot of that notification before. At any rate, if it can help bring traffic and increase the overall income of the site, then that would still be worth the action as the success of the site is also our success.

        • Yes it is… They are unfortunately not here for some time now… :/( Yes, me too…..! That is true!!! I completely agree with you… The problem is that I recently found out from another user that the stuff removed that because it was affecting the performance of the site in a bad way – if I understood right the problem were “double Virils”… – when you share an article you get 1 Viril for sharing and also a guest Viril but I don’t think this is a fair solution because when you share an article you can achieve 500 (guest) views and possible sign-ups, and this way you get only 1 Viril for that, so I think maybe the site earn from that much more than we do (but not sure)….. :||/

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