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Some like it hot – Where do your taste buds take you?

We all have our own choices when it comes to taste.  To elaborate – there are the hot foods, cold, bitter, sweet, sour, salty the works.  Strange that we all have our preferences.

I like a combination of sweet and sour but not sour on its own.  Sour things do not agree with me.  One of my classmates I remember ate a huge green mango raw with a bit of salt.  Strange are the tastes of some is all I can say.

Everyone is talking of bitter chocolate.  In fact I was told it is a sophisticated taste but honestly I do not like bitter chocolate but any other chocolate I simply cannot resist.  I even like the chocolate spread that I have at breakfast time  Does that mean I am not sophisticated?

I like Chinese food specially their sweet corn and chicken or crab soup.   I make it myself and the older it is the better it tastes, specially with those green chilies in vinegar Their sweet and sour pork is irresistible and so also their Lychee fruit frozen with ice cream as threir dessert.

I wonder at those who like hot foods. I have seen them eating plain green chilies or even going for food that  is cooked in spices  that has loads of chilli both red and green.

My sweet tooth will take me where there is a touch of sugar be it ice creams, juices, desserts and red wine.

I have now acquired a taste for peanut butter the crunchy variety.  I have always liked peanuts be they roasted or boiled and this butter will stay with me for years.  Combining it with  jam or any other spread gives it a great taste an ideal add on at breakfast time.

And finally no matter what tastes I have acquired I can never give up boiled rice which I grew eating it.  Fish curry and boiled rice is our staple diet.

  • Do you like green chilies in your food?

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    • No
  • Do you like Chinese food specially spring rolls. I just love them

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  • Do your taste buds take you to chocolates?

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    • No
  • Would you like to tell us what you like the most in your comments?

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Written by grace

I have been writing for various sites some of which have disappeared.  I have several interests including writing, photography, gardening, reaching out, cooking.  I have a blog which needs a bit of revamping and when I get some time I will go there and do justice.

I love people and have been responsible for getting together several groups such as class mates, seniors, orphaned kids and family

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  1. I love Chinese food but I am choosy about the type of meat I am eating.
    I also like food that tastes good and nutritious. An arrangement of food of reds or orange colours with greens makes it look attractive with some neutral colours.

    In food, cleanliness is essential .

    Not concerning hot spices I think most people over do the chilli and eat as if chilli was the only spice to consider, but in this world there is a wide variety of spices. Each with a unique taste and some have medicinal qualities.

  2. Chines food is my favorite, but eating the Keto diet I can’t have it often. I do splurge and eat it on special occasions. I am like you, I do not like sour by itself lol. Sweet and sour things together are usually perfect.

  3. I agree with you on bitter chocolate, no thanks for me!!!!

    My favorite food, honestly, is an Italian Wrap with veggies (tomatoes, onions and peppers) eaten with a glass of red wine, on the boat, hanging out with my wife! Not that it is specific 🙂

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