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Solar Lights ~ Thursday Reflections

Am blessed to have a cousin that I talk to often. She is blind and just amazing. I sent her a little gift a few weeks ago. And she felt the need to reciprocate. I got these beautiful solar lights in the mail for Dustin’s garden. 

Her daughter helps her pick things out on the computer. I send her photos and she will describe them to her Mom. Very cool.

There are butterflies and flowers. And they change colors. While watching tv sometimes at night, I take a peek out the blinds and can see them in the garden. 

Such a great idea to have them in the garden. I am still rearranging them. When all of the blooms are gone, I may move them, we will see.

For now I am enjoying the lights of Dustin’s garden.

Photo ©CarolDM2019

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Written by Carol DM


  1. I had no idea they made these kind. I really need to get some. This is so so so pretty. omg! I do have solar lights. I have some pathway lights, and one butterfly that the wings light up around the edges they just sort of glow, and it changes colors.

    • She got them on Amazon, with her daughter’s help to pick them out. Can you imagine being blind Kim? I cannot. These always bring a smile when I sit in the screen rom at night, and peek out the window. 🙂

      • Ah amazon, I will have to go check out what they have lately. I need a winter coat for Luna as well. lol. No, I cannot imagine being blind and that is my worst fear having diabetes.

        • I don’t know why you always reply after 2 comments or even 3 … so you’re getting Virily … it’s weird they haven’t figured you out yet

          • Frankly speaking, I also don’t mind personally …. but I see that you always have the most comments … how come if more than half of yours are … on mine or whose other post you never forget … I hope you you didn’t mind, dear Carol

          • I comment on numerous posts every day here. And as I stated many times, I will reply to someone’s comment, then their comment has disappeared, not sure why that happens. But I will only comment once to yours from now on. Excuse the comments please.