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Social distancing from your fridge!!πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

With the lockdown our lifestyle has taken a makeover mostly having to do with exercising.  No jogging, no morning walks, no gym…………but the contents of the fridge have remained the same or have they?

Increasing immunity is the order of the day but do the contents in your fridge guarantee that? Fruits, greens and vegetables are what doctors recommend but what I see in this fridge tells a different story. 

My fridge fails miserably as it mostly contains chocolates, and other frozen snacks.  I better do something about it as well

  • Have you made changes in the contents of your fridge, post lockdown?

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  1. I have not changed my diet. Yesterday we celebrated Easter and the only thing I broke was that I ate a lot of pasta and drank some alcohol. Even before locking up, I now always eat lots of vegetables and certain fruits that I love. Two days a week I eat meat with vegetables. Two days of fish and three three meals without fish and meat. Just alternate the days. I always have a salad.


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