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Soap or shower gel?

They leave the skin smooth, hydrated and clean to the point of eliminating bacteria and microbes present in the skin. Soap or shower gel is already guaranteed presence at bath time, but can actually be harmful.

Expert Robynne Chutkan explains why people should not wash daily with these toiletries:

Firstly contact with dust and dirt “teaches the ‘microbiome’ to recognize friendly germs and enemies’, secondly, the cleansing ‘power’ of bath products eliminates microbes and bacteria. fundamental to well-being and health.

According to the expert, however, there is no harm in using soap or shower gel, as long as they are organic and not antibacterial, the most sold and sought by consumers. The antibacterials are the ones with the most chemical and toxic components.

Water alone is sufficient for cleansing the skin, and soap or shower gel should only come into play in cases of greater soiling, such as after contact with the earth, oil or paint.

  • Do you take a bath daily?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Do you use soap or shower gel?

    • Yes
    • Soap
    • Shower gel
    • No
    • Both
    • Only water

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