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sneak preview – WIP

Generally speaking, I don’t post images unless I’ve given them at least a little bit of postwork but I ran behind schedule last night so didn’t have enough time. These are raw renders, straight out of the oven. Honestly, they don’t look half bad but they’d look so much better with a few tweaks

But the purpose of this poll is not to determine your preference for postwork but to see what format or formats you want in your previews; body shot, head shot or both

  • Do you prefer head shots or body shots?

    • head shot
    • body shot
  • Would you rather see both?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

10 points


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  1. Beautiful outfit. Shows the elegant and luxury possibilities of a bikini. But not exactly good for the beach. Well limited use at the beach. Or going out to dinner on a very humid hot night? But besides this, the color intensity use is very well balanced. Excellent support for a visual symphony.

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