Small dogs

Owning a small dog has many advantages. First is the cost of food that is not much since a small dog eats less than the amount of food of regular sized dogs. Next is the weight of the dog which is light and could easily be carried especially the so called lap dog that can stay on the lap. In public places, it is common to see a small dog on a stroll and rarely for a big dog because of the problem of transportation. A big dog needs a pick up truck and wouldn’t fit in a car especially in a compact car.

But a small dog has a downside too. The usual health issue is the kidneys. The vet said that kidney stones is the nemesis of small dogs hence salty food is a no-no. For those who are feeding their dogs with table food, it is advised to cook the food with no seasoning whatsoever, no salt, no soy sauce, no spices. Plain fried chicken or pork would be fine because the dog can enjoy the good taste but it can still be considered healthy.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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