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Slow mornings

I love the slow mornings and get up a couple of hours before I need.  But I have enough time to have breakfast with my husband, to read the news, listen to quiet music, and so silently descend to the earth from the kingdom of dreams.

And it would be good that nobody call and interfere with the two morning hours between 7 and 9 because, as my best friend jokes, “I become a normal woman about 11.45”. Similarly, I become a functional and thoughtful creature after a lot of good coffee and a couple of hours of spiritual landing to earth. But I could not start the day at my mentioned 11.45, I would consider that lost a lot of precious life’s time.

But, like intentionally,  this morning, the phone does not stop calling for already an hour in the morning. So, I started the day with a bit of frustration for the calls which ruined my peaceful routine but nevertheless brought a lot of good news! 

Anyway, have a happy day, grow and nurture yourself like flowers. 

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  1. We wake up at 6.30 am every day, as I help my husband and look after the Budgie and get breakfast, I am in motion like the fast mad movies. I would dearly love just to take my time but don’t have that luxury…Still Im Ok.

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