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Sleeping capsule for homeless people !

German authorities are developing a capsule for homeless people that is likely to be comfortable in the winter. Authorities in the German state of Wartburg have taken humanitarian action for the homeless, and even in the cold nights in this capsule, homeless people will feel safe and secure.

These capsules will be like a box. The financial resources for the preparation of this capsule are provided by the Alam city administration, while its preparation has been entrusted to the Artists Group and the experts. Sensors will be installed in these capsules to detect when the capsule is empty or when it is vacant.

Wood and metal layers are used in the preparation of this capsule which will protect the body from frost.

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  1. Angela Merkel should have solution, first, regarding lowering down to zero Germany’s crisis on open border policy. And actually, use the money to help and provide their country’s taxpaying legal citizens for better quality standard of living.


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