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Sky Sunday ~ Plants that bring happiness to the home and garden

You may believe that things, especially plants, can bring happiness, maybe not. Here are some of the best ones that are supposed to bring happiness to your home and garden. I have some of these plants in my garden. I don’t know if they bring happiness, but they are beautiful and useful.


The rose is a flower of love and passion. It is worshiped on various occasions, and people perceive it as a sign of the highest connection. It is believed that rose also attracts health and happiness.


Not only is sage a so-called folk remedy, but it also symbolizes happiness. Proverbially we say that sage burning drives away evil spirits and attracts positive energy.


Passion fruit is a wine plant, also called the Passion of Christ. It has beautiful and unique flowers that have five petals each. If various myths are to be believed, they are supposed to attract happiness, abundance, and peaceful life to our garden.

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  1. I just love all kinds of flowers. One if these days I will have to plant some clamatis close to my residence as they climb alongside trellis along the side of houses. I do not know if these flowers are renowned for anything but I just like them. Your picture of what I assume are roses is very beautiful…


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