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Sky Sunday ~ Inner beauty has lasting value

I felt bad today so I spent a little more time online. I read a lot of interesting things. I also read about inner beauty.

Man has long liked to overemphasize external beauty, which often leads to a misjudgment of internal values.

Sometimes it seems to me that people put too much emphasis on external beauty. It happens that people judge by appearance and it depends on whether we like someone or not. Of course, the visual image is the first thing we notice, but certainly not the only factor of human personality.

From some people springs a kind of mysterious joy, happiness and joy – a kind of different beauty that no eyeliner or make-up can conjure up. The unfortunate person will not be helped by a ton of make-up or beauty salons, but by personal satisfaction, happiness and joy, which she will feel not with the cream on her face, but in her heart.

I think we should do more for our inner beauty and look forward to every single morning and look forward to every new experience, even though life repeatedly causes us problems and life seems impossible … but the solution is usually right in front of our noses .

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  1. I agree with every word you wrote. Always have. If I can’t see inner beauty in a person, we usually don’t have a connection. It is just that simple. That trait speaks volumes about a person. You have that, I can tell even though we have never met. 🙂


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