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Sing Sweet Nightingale

I have been fascinated by all kinds of birds. I am not a birdwatcher as such but I do love seeing them and listening to their song. Songbirds are the most delightful things to hear in the spring and the summer. A songbird with a lovely voice is the nightingale.

It is the male nightingale that sings through the night trying to attract female nightingales that might fly by. These single males are one the lookout for a mate.

Nightingales have often been written about in literature, poetry, and song. They enjoy nesting either on the ground or just above it. They feed on insects and especially enjoy ants and beetles. Climate change has greatly diminished their population as well as the great numbers of deer that eat away dense woodland.

So that they could capture their lovely song people would try to catch nightingales in the 19th century. It was an unfortunate time for these birds because they did not do well in captivity and many did not survive.

Today as long as there are nightingales people can still enjoy their songs and these amazing birds can produce over 1000 different sounds.

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    • Me too, Carol. I would like to listen to nightingales sing. I saw online the northern Mockingbird has been given the nickname of the American Nightingale due to its songs.