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Silhouette Saturday and an update about my inactivity

It sounds like the level of inactivity has increased. Or vice versa, the level of activity has decreased. I think the latter is the most used.

Either way, I can tell you why I haven’t been posting lately.

The reason is that I was posting too much “serious content” and was planning to post more. It was overwhelming, yet it was where my inspiration was going and couldn’t make it change path. I hoped I could just post pictures and add silly descriptions, but that was not what I was doing, or felt like doing. I needed a break from all that heavy seriousness!

Plus, the winning topic in this poll was “Racism in Italy”. I thought my insights could be easily explained, but my plan took another turn and ended up being more complex than I thought, making me so frustrated I kept on procrastinating.

I wonder if it was my OCPD.

Anyhow, I’ve been working on that. I’ve finally accepted it will take me more than one post to explain the matter, and I will start posting once I have all the “chapters” ready.

  • What birds are those?

    • PIGEONS (obviously…)
    • JACKDAWS (you wish!!!)
    • GOLDEN EAGLES (come on!!!)
    • GARGOYLES (are they even birds?!?)


What do you think?

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  1. Please take your time because I will be waiting for those posts because the racism in Italy is an interesting dynamic. The migrants coming from Africa via the Mediterranean Sea is one factor. The other factor is the traditional racism that goes on at Serie A matches. The rise of nationalism is another facet. Also, there has never been a civil rights movement in Europe like there has been in the USA or in South Africa. There are too many people in this world that think that others should not have any rights.

    • Thanks a lot for your comment. It really helps me to stay motivated and also knowing what could be interesting to share. I’m going for a slow approach (going to make it a short series) and have my first post ready to be submitted.
      I guess the situation in Italy is different than the USA or SA because we’ve never been a multiracial community until very recently. France has way more diversity, mostly due to its colonial past. Italy owned colonies as well, but it didn’t “backlash” as much.

  2. What really puts me down is that I got my real name here, it makes me paranoiac as I often wonder if people who know me elsewhere ever read my posts here. Not the wisest choice. Thankfully I hardly ever think my former teachers will come to read my serious posts, or it might really feel like it’s graduation work. ?
    You’re right though, I wrote so much about that Racism in Italy to later think I actually wrote too much and wonder if somebody will ever be truly interested to read it all. I won’t delete all the drafts, but I need to “compact” them. I had been writing over 10 posts, crazy me. ?

    • Drafts on my computer, not here on Virily. ?
      Forgetting is indeed a big deal, especially when people comment but forget what they’ve just read, and it gets worse when the text is long. ?
      As it’s a topic that was chosen among some options, I’m prone to believe some might truly care and read it all, but then it’s been a while so they might have as well forgotten about it. ?
      Then of course, some will just comment on the title, picture or poll question.

    • The usual, like having to refresh the creation page when you upload a photo (at least in polls), having to save drafts repeatedly and see the preview to check if questions are properly set.
      I don’t know which new problems have arisen, I just know those who were not fixed. ?

  3. I often think like you too, why my posts are always serious… Then I started posting things that were more trivial, but that still stuck in my mind … Just like that? Awh…
    Well… We should be able to say to ourselves, “Yes, it’s just like that, and that’s enough!”

    (…Still thinking that it was my pretext…)

    • Thank you! Perhaps it was more about easy vs complex than serious vs not serious. It might help to share some nice photos “mindlessly” than writing long topics, sometimes controversial, like I did lately. ?
      I’m sometimes afraid to come across as conceited or all-knowing when discussing such matters, but I’m definitely not the type.


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