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Shy And Sensitive Plant

Have you heard about touch me not plant?Mimosa pudica ,touch me not chui moi  grows wild in Pakistan .It’s  also called miracle and sensitive’s also  use  in medicine and’s  leaves,roots and flowers  are all beneficial.

Mimosa is a miracle plant in the sense that it has baffled human mind for a long time. The amazing leaves of Mimosa respond to external stimuli e.g. light, touching, watering, or by gently blowing air on the leaves. The leaves suddenly close, droop downwards as if they died by touching. However if the plant is left alone for 5-10 minutes, the leaves recover and open as if nothing had happened. The leaves automatically close in the evening- to be opened in the morning. Such a wonderful  creativity  of  my GOD. The plant bears beautiful pink flowers that look like a hairy ball of pink threads. Children find this plant very entertaining. Requires moist soil all the time, since full Sun often permanently burns the fresh growth.

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    • Every part of this plant beneficial, it is use in treatment of leprosy, piles,inflammation, toothache, asthma, burnning sensation,dysentery etc…nothing is useless in this world. Plz,take care yourselves when you deal it.

  1. Yeah, I remember this plant. I used to play with it when I was young. I don’t know about the medicinal attribute of the plant. I don’t see such plant nowadays because I seldom go out in the field. Thank you for sharing this information.

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