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Shrivelling sparrows

We can meet them wherever people live. They are extremely adaptable, do not fear people, or even prefer to stay close to them. It is an expansive, naughty, aggressive but lovely bird. It is one of the birds that stay with us all year round.

 With the coming of the cold they have a more difficult life. Anyway, in this photo  they seem totally helpless ! At least, it seemed to me, when I found these sparrows in the park.

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Written by Ileana Calotescu


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  1. These are found all over the USA. We call them House Sparrows. They were brought to the USA in the 1840s by a professor of English Literature who thought it would be a terrific idea to bring all of the birds that Shakespeare mention to the USA. Fortunately he failed and only managed to bring these and the European Starling. Both species have become pests.

    Anyway, Chicago winters don’t seem to bother the House Sparrow.

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