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We all love to make money especially when we work for it. There is a sense of satisfaction when you put in the hours of hard labor and you get that pay check at the end of the week or month. It creates an incentive to continue to work and contribute. But it is not only the money, it is the fact that you feel respected when you work and and are able to collect your earnings.

But what happens when you work and don’t get the pay you deserve? You feel rejected, dejected and disrespected. For the last few months I have been sending messages to the editor here but still no payment. I have continued to contribute/work without being paid what I am due. I feel ignored and frustrated.  What’s a gal to do?

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  1. I understand your situation , but i believe there might be any error , well note , If you have earn 10$ and you have a paypal active account , virily will definitely pay you but If you earned less than 100 Dollar and using Payoneer payment channel then you have to wait to reach that threshold.


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