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Shopping Online For Clothing – My First Experience

I decided to try buying clothes online since I absolutely hate to go shopping, have to hurry up and not get to try on the clothes I like, so, why not online.

Dress Lily has ads all over I am sure you have seen their ads on one or another site, they have clothing for the whole family .The clothes are super cute so I ordered a few pieces.

I got half of my order yesterday, I was aware of this fact VIA email and I was fine by the split because I was notified.

I must say I was shocked that the company is not just “Dress Lily”  alone, but it carries other name brands. I reckon I had assumed Dress Lily was the maker of the products.

The Shirts 

I got one long sleeve shirt that was made by “Rose Gal” that is an extra large, it fits but its one of those tight fitting shirts with a flare at mid section and over the hips. It is long enough to wear leggings underneath and look decent. For me, because I am short, I can wear it as a dress, its that long. But fits! I like it and I am satisfied with this purchase.

The next long sleeve shirt I got was made by “Dressfo” seems this one might be owned by Dress Lily, its a low cut in the front with a twist type design around the breast, with little flare around mid section, also an extra large. In my opinion, this is more large than extra large, so tight in the arms and shoulders there is no way for me to wear it. I am not sure, maybe we have to order from the plus size section if we are extra large, although I am not sure a size 10/12 is considered extra large in the USA, but I feel this one is not an extra large and is miss labeled.

Wasted money? They do have a return policy so I will give that a try for the  “dressfo” shirt.

This experience has taught me that I will, from now own, take time to try on clothing in the actual store, or buy and if they do not fit return to the store right away for a refund or larger size.

I can barely wait to see if the dress fits, I do have hope that it will because these clothes are super cute!

By Andria Perry

Photos By Andria Perry

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Written by Andria Perry

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