Shopping for food during lockdown

It is a sad thing that we are again on a lockdown, today is the 3rd day. Aside from the usual closure of stores, we have to wear the face shield and the face mask as well. I wonder why the added requirement. It seems like the government is on a hit or miss style of ruling on the issue of the covid protection.

The stores will surely have long lines again that the operating hours will again be limited to only 8 hours. The lockdown is really a restrictive situation and I hope it has a positive effect on the contamination.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. I don’t need to shop too often. My friends who live below me go to the food pantry every Wednesday and get food handouts. They often give me quite a bit too and in exchange with all the frozen fresh chicken, they get I make them a meal in my slow cooker. Usually, we have chicken Sundays.

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