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Shock ~ Wacky Wednesday

Cleaning the floor or yard is an important part of my pleasure at home, and palm ribs broom is the basic tool for that purpose. As per my order, my wife has bought a new broom and when I want to take it to the backyard, Blue, as usual, chasing it.

This is a fun game with Blue as always. He continued to chase the broom wherever I moved it, but when I raised it high, he looked confused and ran away when the broom was lowered suddenly. I thought it’s a reaction from fear or shock, even though it was the same type of broom that he had often seen and played with, with similar movements every time we played. Feeling funny with his gaze, I asked my daughter to hold the broom high once again to capture his cute face.

  • Have you ever been surprised by something that actually you are used to?

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  1. Very cute expression on Blue’s cat face. Cats are so curious, playful, independent and all of them have different quirks. My first dog Princess had one obsession and it was the vaccum. Not because she was afraid of it. Quite the contrary, she was enthralled by it and its sound. She would run and try to bite its head off. Every time I passed in front of the cupboard where it was stored, she would stop and expect me to take it out. It was a riot to see her go nuts whenever I passed the vacuum. But I am sure that Blue would very much afraid of a noisy vacuum just like my Runt (Runty Dumpty) is.

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