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Sheep’s Valley

Hello friends. I today want to introduce about a valley of sheeps. In the Northern area of Pakistan there is a valley of ‘Hunza. In the ‘Hunza there is a village known as Beera. The importance of this village is that all villahers have sheeps . This village contains approximately fifty to seventy houses and all house owners have sheeps in the numbers of quantity.

No other sources of there income except sheeps. They sales there sheeps in the main cities of Northern area I.e gilgit , skardu, Kohostan or Bisham and take the thanks for their routine life.

The sheep is a very useful animal and specially for the people of this area who get complete profit on it enjoy their life.

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  1. I agree with CoffeeQueen. I have never seen so many sheep’s… And grazing in such thick very green grass. Very beautiful place… But where are the herders I wonder… Nonetheless, the villagers are lucky, first because they live in a wonderful basically untouched (except by the sheep of course) surroundings and also they live simply which everybody should strive to do.

  2. That’s how it used to be in my country, Yugoslavia, which no longer exists. Everywhere there was a pasture of sheep, sheep, goats, cows. After the destruction of my country by the Western powers, people live in 6 small states, and there are no more such images. Villages are disappearing, young people flee from their countries, because our small countries are poor. Keep this beauty.

  3. This is exactly what it is like in New Zealand countryside. Plenty of sheep just like these. My Uncle Derek had a sheep farm and now his children have some of their own. We have plenty of these in places that look much the same as Pakistan.

    This is a surprise to me.

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