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Sharing Virily Members Content

I’m desperately sharing virily content in any Facebook groups page that I’m in. So that i can help these virily website to gain earn revenue. But sadly my effort doesn’t pays off.

Because it’s not my content what I shared it’s the content of other folks ,virily members so its means that I think I help them to earn revenue or money if someone in Facebook groups click or visit the link in virily that I shared Often.

Anyways I’m happy to help others here and share their writing,post or content in Facebook group page. But Correct me if I’m wrong can someone or can a virily member will earn if we shared thier content in Facebook  or other social media  websites?

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Written by jasmine

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  1. We won’t earn directly from shares but Virily does earn outside views which also helps them pay admin, the tech team and us authors.
    In my case my shares don’t work because 99.5% of my Facebook friends are younger people who don’t click links unless it’s about a celebrity.

  2. I think users don’t earn from views out of Virily but Virily earns. So if Viril is higher it is good for you too.
    I share everyday mine and other users articles on Facebook. I am glad you also share links from Virily. I believe we will help a site.

  3. So if we help others get views, we help Virily. They are paid by Google Adsense (that is why all posts have all the ads on them!)
    adsense only pays on views.
    Virily pays authors on views by other authors.
    but if Virily doesn’t have money (views) we don’t get paid.

    so in effect by sharing you are helping other authors. If you don’t share you really aren’t helping the community at all.

    • Hi I agree When virily starts back before we can Earn too if we message Someone in Private messages

      But they removed it A lot Changes Now I love more the Old virily.

      And referral earnings here is gone too and they Stop accepting new members.

        • My thoughts is they Removed the referral Earnings but I’m Not Sure . OR it’s still active?

          Hope they will Accept new Members sooner or later .

          I think more virily active Members more Revenue for virily .


          • there are no longer views for sharing posts to social media that is correct.

            More members, perhaps. I suspect at this point that there are two things we have to think about.

            1. posts about Virily do not really do well outside of the Virily Community.
            2. Many do not share or share only when they feel like it. That impacts the community.
            3. Views are way down for the site.

  4. Jasmine, in the past we could earn virils (1) by sharing other members’ posts, and (2) by visitors from e.g. Facebook visiting our posts. Now we do not. But in any case, visitors viewing posts also view advertisements, so revenue is earned for Virily, which is shared with members. Also I agree it is good to help other members by promoting their posts 🙂

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