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Sharing posts here at Virily

Virily expects us to share our activity and has suggested Face Book, Twitter and Pinterest.  I do it as a routine.  Every single post of mine I share and sometimes posts of other users as well. 

More views means more earning for Virily and that in turn users will get to benefit  I took some time off to see if this is the trend here but sadly it is not  Even veteran users and verified users do not do it.  There are some who post as many as six to seven posts but not a single post is shared.  No doubt they earn but that is not enough 

I am going to share with one more from today – Tumblr. 

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  1. I share all my posts, and some from others, on Facebook, which is the only social medium I have a personal account on. Unfortunately, since Virily stopped rewarding directly for sharing externally, many users have stopped doing it. This is a short-sighted reaction, because the more views that the ads here receive, the more revenue there is to share with members.


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