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Shadow In The Darkness ~ Wednesday Shadows

Working in the dark. Looking for shadows in the darkness. That’s how some people work. This time. Trying to find traces that are trying to be hidden. To reveal the lies that will be stamped as genuine. To avoid bloodshed in the wrong battle.

We peeked. To see how do they made ruin then shout it loud. Burning then accuse. Beat some human beings and provoked people. Buy some heads to hit each other. Provide stones to throw to each other. They are waiting for people to get angry and attack. They are waiting to shoot at will. They had already done it but had not been satisfied to laugh upon the pool of blood. Then they will become police, prosecutors, and judges who punish people in the name of the constitution.

Evidence? We have a lot! But they have a lot of legitimate false evidence. Prove? We can do a lot of times! But they have also printed match proofs. Witness? We have many witnesses who are injured. But they also had many false witnesses who did not hesitate to swear false witnesses. Even Lucky Luke, the man who shoots faster than his shadow might not be able to defeat their organized tyranny. They are canned ninjas.

Duality is indeed funny. Give lessons while hurting. Hopefully, the lessons make people wise. Maybe wisdom cannot get rid of tyranny. Also not necessarily able to save the posterity. But it can certainly free conscience.

  • Do you know who is truly free and independent?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Is being wise important to you?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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  1. We ordinary people pay too much for politicians to play. But there is hope when masses unite defeat. Do not lose hope, dear friend. Let God protect you and your family and all the people in your country.

    • The funny thing about duality is when we can’t just enjoy it casually but also have to be pulled into the tiring game, like the worst magic show this time, which forces all the viewers to believe it to be the truth or they will jdv#oiu 2ah-ib7n.

      I am convinced that there is nothing coincidental in the world, but I also cannot stand idly when solidarity has gazed into my eyes deeply.

      However, I see wisdom lies ahead, as you said, for those who can realize it.

  2. In all these confrontations among politicians, those who pay with life are people. I have long ceased to hope that the people can obtain and impose democracy. Games are made elsewhere. The people are just making sacrifices. I hope that in your own country the people will win and the rules will be made by the leaders elected by the people! In my country the rules are made from outside! But hey, my country is not the world’s 4th most populated country! You have a much greater force!

    • You are right about political conflict, Ileana.

      Basically, our people love peace and have long allowed politicians to do whatever they want, but the people are very disappointed when their great hopes for change are extinguished by the worst series of political magic that must only be believed to be the truth.

      Hopefully, there is the best solution to the problems that occur at this time.

  3. I saw the news yesterday and to live in fear is not good. I cant say that I understand, trouble is that many think that they are right.
    I will only say here that you must never give up hope.
    Thoughts and prayers are with you.

    • I don’t know the news that you saw yesterday but your opinion is correct, that living in fear is not good, and that many people think they are right.
      For you as an analogy, suppose that we are being given the worst magic show and we only must believe that it is the truth.

      Your thoughts and prayers are very valuable to us here, Pamela.

  4. It was hard to read. And I have not words what to say, sometimes it’s not easy to find words for a person which you know just a little but you would hug him if he was next to you. I wish there was peace for all humans on this earth, but however… Stay safe.

  5. I do not even know what to say at all together, my dear friend … as I have repeated many times, I mean you, your family and your people … and I want you to win the wisdom that will make it very difficult

  6. Albert, this image gave me chills. I am reading the news in your country. I wish there were words to share. Just know I am thinking of you, your family and your country. Things must settle down soon.

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