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Shade ~ Sky Sunday

The dry season really feels in my city. The air feels hot both day and night. The sky is clear in general during the day, bright blue and cloudy in the afternoon, and the sky becomes white or gray evenly.

Being in an open place in the sun like that, shady trees are usually become the most pleasant place to stay a while but not under this kind of red palm tree for sure. Speaking of shade, I imagine certain people, in any role and position that can provide shade to those around them. I think that is a special character. Conversely, there are also people who cannot provide shade to others, even the worst, not only cannot be a shade but also become a source of heat for the atmosphere. I myself, since entering adulthood, tried hard to build that character, bring or provide shade even though I did not know the exact results.

  • Is there someone you consider or do you feel the shade of their character around you?

    • Yes
    • No
  • What about you, do you consider that you have such a shade?

    • Yes
    • Yes
    • No
    • No

What do you think?

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  1. Even in our country there is sunny and hot weather … I’m not looking for shadows because there is nothing better … maybe in the forest … I prefer to be closed at home and have a lit air … it’s just that somehow I survive, dear Albert

    • Your choice is certainly based on your experience and recognition of climate and weather in your country, dear friend.

      Oh, we certainly won’t stay under the shade of trees all day long. That is of course only for certain moments like sitting in the park, fishing, and so on in the hot sun.

      • It’s different for you … you still go to work, I’m at home … today we have 38 degrees … I’m not used to such heat … the centuries-long record goes down in our country and part of Europe….It’s coldest at home and you have an air conditioner included

  2. Someone actually called me that, a cool shade. There is a downside to that. It attracts a lot of characters which the person may or may not be ready or willing to deal with.

    You, you are more of a sounding board. At least, if one is willing to hear both the good and the bad 😜

  3. I do not like this season of the year. I’m not happy about the heat. I like to stand in a cool place under the shade of the trees. But to live in the shadow of someone else, I do not like it.

  4. Being someone’s shadow means follow him all his life. Do you think it’s a great happiness to be followed by someone all your life? Also being always in someone’s shadow you can not develop very well. So from my point of view it’s not good to live in someone’s shadow or being someone’s shadow. You do not have to agree with me!🙂

    • Aha! I’m glad at least this time you say something different. Unfortunately, maybe there is a language problem here, at least about shadow and shade. If I become a large, shady tree, I give shade to anyone below me, as well as a home, good parents, leaders, etc. and not to be a shadow of a tree, a shadow of a house, a duplicate of parents, a copy of a leader etc. But I still agree with you that we should not be a shadow of anyone, even a shadow of ourselves.

    • Unfortunately, according to my country’s Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency, the new dry season starts in May for my region while in other regions it has started since April. So, the new rainy season will occur around September or October, maybe even November.

  5. We are also having hot summer days and nights filled with humidity. Not my favorite time of the year at all. Lovely photo.

    Never thought of feeling the shade as anything but shade. Of course you have me thinking now. As a Mom, I was Dustin’s shade. His protector. Thinking outside the box is always good for our minds. Thank you for helping me do that.

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