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September: Slow Living “Challenge”

I like to take part in challenges, as I am always lazy and it’s a good way to motivate myself.

Here’s a “challenge” started by Simply +Fiercely. The blogger actually mentioned that it shouldn’t be called a challenge as it isn’t a right word to describe the slow living project.

This month actually seems to be a busy month for our family, as we have several things to work on and we are going to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival as well. I have to get my homeschooling lesson plans done too. But I think it’s even more important for me to learn to slow down, as whenever I am rushing, I am anxious and I get angry easily (poor kids!). Hence I think this is a good challenge for me to learn to practice the slow living lifestyle, and this will certainly bring more peace and harmony in my family.

Picture: I took this picture when we went hiking last weekend. I chose this picture as I walked really slowly and comfortably along the pathway, and I will remind myself to slow down just as when I walked the path.

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    • Thanks! I prefer those lifestyles too, but I tend to get stressed easily especially when I am rushing for something (or nothing). I can’t blame that I live in the city, it’s my personality or mindset that I need to work on. 😛