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Sending compliments to users here at Virily

When I just joined I used to receive compliments here and I in turn would also send compliments whenever I noticed an interesting post.

I do not remember when it was the last time I sent compliments nor do I remember receiving any lately. I was also told that receiving compliments earned Virils for the recepient. I do not know whether this practice still holds. There are a few other features too like ‘Collections’ and I have not done anything there. 

Since Admin never reports on changes made we will never know whether receiving compliments continues to earn virils for the recepients. 

  • Do you still send compliments to users here at Virily?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

Written by grace


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  1. I haven’t sent compliments in a long time. When this feature was introduced it was used a lot .. I’m not sure if the recipients earn viruses .. This should explain it Doc.Now I will try to send you a compliment. That way we will know if you are winning something.


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