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Seeing fresh tender leaves is not always a good sign

When pruned roses get those red tender leaves that is a happy sign. But not when one sees them on mango trees

Normally around November mango trees show up flowers that later turn into  fruits and by April they are ready for harvesting.  I see tender fresh leaves on our mango trees but no flowers.  It is already December and if they do flower later the fruits will be ready for harvesting around June and that is the rainy season.

Mangoes are averse to rain.  Even a drizzle will spoil them as there will be worms inside.  That is what I fear will happen this season. 

Wonder if we will ever get to eat mangoes.  We have four varieties.

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Written by grace


  1. That young leaves is normal for a mango tree after a good fruiting season. Our term for it is NAGMUMURA which means young leaves are coming out. Just give it water if the ground is dry so the young leaves will mature quickly.

    • They have over dose of water with heavy rains. Shoots should come after the yielding period but here it has come before the yielding season.