“Impossible, is not a fact, its an opinion.”

Victoria Arlen is the face of a sports brand a host of a popular TV program a motivational trainer a yogi and a world record holder. Journalists line up to get an interview from her. Until recently all this seemed like a dream to her but what she has managed to overcome by the age of 24, we can call a miracle.

 Victoria Arlen grew up as an active and energetic child. She loved sports, dancing, and swimming outperforming her two siblings. In all other aspects, she was the most ordinary, cheerful child and it was like that until 2006 when the girl turned 11 years old, that troubles came at once with no warning. “My body rebelled,” Victoria recalls, in just two weeks she was paralyzed below the waist. Along with the ability to move she also lost the ability to speak. 

She was diagnosed with two rare and terrible autoimmune diseases, which affected the spinal cord and brain. Every five minutes she experienced excruciating cramps which felt like lightning strikes, again and again, her body which until then, was bringing her so much joy, now had turned into a cage! Victoria suddenly fell into a deep coma and completely losing her speech function, she continued to hear her relatives and their dialogues with doctors.

 However, they didn’t know that she could actually hear them clearly. Four years went on like this, doctors often tried to convince her parents in her presence, to prepare for the worst,  because, in their opinion, her brain was no longer functioning. But her father, mother, and brothers didn’t give up, “my parents turned one of the rooms in our house into a hospital ward and continued taking care of me,” she said. “My brothers were constantly talking to me and giving me the strength to fight and hope. They didn’t know that I heard them but I did, so it took four long years for this miracle to start happening to me.”


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  1. Apart from the use of the word “miracle”, I am glad that the video did not try to bring religion into this. These cases do happen, and too often people try to use them as proof of divine intervention, which was clearly not a factor here.

    • What then, would constitute the bounds or scope of a miraculous event? Here is the definition: “an extraordinary and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore attributed to a divine agency.” PS. The doctors, IE withing both scientific and natural laws, diagnosed a “nonfunctioning” brain, it had stopped was dead…

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