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Scentless Bugs ~ Macro Monday

Sharing a photo taken from my spring garden. These bugs invaded my Rose of Sharon plants. I sprayed them and used Sevin Dust and they finally were killed and did not return. But they destroyed lots of leaves and blooms before I got rid of them. Just another thing to deal with when you have a garden. 

Scentless Plant Bugs are a small family of plant bugs that lack glands that can produce foul odors. They are True Bugs, not beetles. Many are green, brown or a mix of various colors. They can fly, but do not sting or bite. The hindlegs have thicker ‘thighs’ than the first four legs. Long, oblong bodies have short elytra (wing coverings). This allows the tips of the wings to be visible by the end of the abdomen. The top of the abdomen sports a triangle-shaped area. In many species, colors change as individuals mature. 

This reminds me of life. There are often both positive and negative vibes at the same time. These positive beautiful blooms invaded by the negativity of the scentless bugs are just one of many examples.

Photo ©CarolDM

  • Sometimes there is a fine line between postivity and negativity in life, agreed?

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Written by Carol DM


    • I had not seen one either until I researched them this past year. They are not good ones to have. Very destructive.

      Agreed about your last statement.