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Saturday silhouettes ~ Live for today

This sunset is a reminder of my last year’s vacation. I read a few poems today and I think this poem is very appropriate for this picture.

He who becomes a slave to habits dies slowly,

who sets the same limits every day,

who does not change the routine,

who does not dare to change colors,

who does not speak to those he does not know.

He who flees from passions is slowly dying

and their strong emotions,

which make the eyes light up

and revived lonely hearts.

He who does not change his life is slowly dying,

when he is dissatisfied with his job or with love,

who, for safety’s sake, renounces possible happiness,

who does not follow his dreams

who does not allow himself at least once in his life

run away with a smart advice.

He who does not travel, who does not read, dies slowly.

who does not listen to music, who does not find grace in himself;

He who destroys his own love dies slowly,

who does not allow to be helped,

who spends his days moaning over his own pitch

or over the incessant rain.

Slowly dying anyone who abandons a plan before trying to carry it out

who does not ask about what he does not know

who does not answer when asked about what he knows.

Don’t allow yourself to die slowly!

Take a risk and make your wishes come true today!

Live for today!

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Written by vidocka


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