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Saturday Critters – Turtles with red ears

It was a very popular pet turtle until it was discovered that some of them had salmonella.

Several years ago they did not exist in Chindia Lake, but in recent years there are more and more. That’s because of the people who abandoned them.

They are intelligent animals that can have a good relationship with people. It sometimes happens that they tolerate being taken in arms, or even scratched on the back. It is not good to insist when we notice that she is scared or her reactions are not at all positive.

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    What happens in winter with turtles?

    • they hibernate
    • ele mananca mai mult
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    Have you ever had turtles as pets?

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Written by Ileana Calotescu


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  1. My dad was a biologist, to have a pet turtle required a plan for the turtle to have the same environment as a pet, that it would have had in nature.

    We just let them wander the park near our house. I think that was my father’s goal.

  2. I had a lot of these as a kid. They were babies and they were commonly sold in store. However they didn’t live long because the food they sold for them had almost no nutritional value. (We didn’t know that at the time.) I also had some adults – in the USA they are called Red-eared Sliders. A lot of people dump them in ponds when they get tired of them here also. However, our area is within their natural range. This is an even bigger problem because the people who had them didn’t take good care of them and they were often sick. This meant they spread their diseases to the wild populations.

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