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Saturday Critters – Snail during a morning walk

After the spring and summer rains, there is an unusual intensification of snail activity,  that otherwise lead a secluded existence, hidden in bushes, trees, grassy areas, and some species even lead a predominantly underground life. Terrestrial snails are usually active at night, when the humidity is high, but they can also appear during the day to feed, especially when it rains.

Snails are mollusks that leave behind the famous traces of mucus, a transparent, sticky substance that helps snails a lot to gain the adhesion needed to move.

I met this creature this morning, while I allowed myself to break lockdown and take a short walk with the Maya.

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Written by Ileana Calotescu



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  1. My late husband and I were great animal lovers even snails were saved by us. Back in Latvia where we lived in the suburbs after heavy rain snails would come crawling out on the main road. When we would go to the store all along the way there would be snails. People would just trample them but when my husband and I came along we stooped down and picked up a snail and put it back into the grasses.

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