Every year on June 24 we celebrate the Sânziene holiday. In religious terms this day relates to the celebration of Saint John the Baptist’s Nativity, which also happens on June 24.

Sânziană is the Romanian name for gentle fairies who play an important part in our folklore, also used to designate a yellow flower – yellow bedstraw

According to legend, Sânzienele are extraordinarily beautiful beings, good fairies, who live in forests or plains. According to the popular belief, on the night of Sânziene the heavens open, and the Sânziene go out and dance in places away from the eyes of the world. This dance cannot be noticed by anyone because the one who will dare to look at it will get sick and will not be able to heal.

I almost forgot that on this day we also celebrate Romanian blouse “IA”.

On this day, Romanians and those who love and appreciate Romania and its culture, are asked to wear Ia. Unfortunately this year I did not have the opportunity to wear this beautiful blouse. The pandemic prevented us from celebrating this day.

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Written by Ileana Calotescu



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  1. That is very interesting. In Latvia, they just had the Midsummer Celebrations. There is the eve before when everyone sings, dances, eats, and light bonfires on June 23, and on June 23 is John’s Day so two days of celebration. I was sad this year because there were so many good memories of these times,

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