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Sand Art ~ Have you ever tried it?

We all used to play with sand in our childhood. Don’t you ever try creating a sand house while playing?

I do remember creating a castle and houses in the sand near riverbank and seashore. Those houses never last long and washed away by the tides. That time I have never taken that seriously or looked at it as a career option ( I was never good at it though). But few people have taken that seriously and make it a career option. The sand art these professionals make is on a truly different level.

Did you ever been to a sand art exhibition? Do you like sand art?

In the picture, the sand art created by artist Sudarsan Pattnaik.

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Written by Giri


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  1. The only sand art that we tried as kids were to build a sandhill and create a tunnel. One would then put one’s hand inside from one side and another from the other side and touch each other’s hands. (lol)


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