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Same Style ~ Wacky Wednesday

I have to admit that Wacky Wednesday is a challenge with broad possibilities but it’s not too easy to find. If we don’t have the chance to find such a thing or make something so that an image becomes wacky or has such an impression, looking for it in the archive will be a challenge.

For this challenge, today I choose to show how two of the five dogs my sister who is the same race often behave the same despite having different ages. That day, Igo and Jacko agreed to sleep together in my sister’s bed, and not only that, it seemed that they had also agreed to sleep in the same style.

  • One wants to lay on my brother-in-law lap, the other follows, jumps and lies on the other’s back. Can you guess which one is Igo and which one is Jacko?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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  1. Very cute pomeranians if I am guessing well. As for their name, I really like the white one (although the brown one is its twin) and the name Igo is so different (I had never heard that name before) that I would like Igo to be the white one. But I agree with alibb, do not tell them if I got it wrong because they might be offended.

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