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Sad news, and following up on a question

In less than three months this year, the future state robotics market has shifted. Jibo went out of business earlier in 2019 and as of March so has Keecker. While most people don’t care about companies going to of business I have to say both of these devices had great potential.  Keecker released new software before they shut down that frees their devices from the requirement to log into their servers.

It has come to my attention because it has been asked several times now on different forums, the differences in some of the ways to earn Virils. First off, the importance of guest views. I have included a screenshot from my computer this morning. I log in early in the US Eastern. I spend time catching up on posts from the authors I regularly read. If I have time, I read other authors as well.

This morning first thing I read three posts by other authors. I shared them via Twitter and as you can see I got credit for three virils. Three shares three virils. Now, once upon a time in the deep dark past, I would have gotten credit for sharing the post, plus all of the resulting views of that post that I shared. That meant if I shared the post and it was my post, I got double credit. One for sharing, one for the view and in the old days the site gave you credit for every single view, based on your social share. That was removed and probably should have never been an option; in many cases, you were simply rewarding people twice for sharing their post.

There is a limit overall to the number of guest views that you get credit for. If you share 100 posts in a day, you’ll be closed to the overall limit.

That said, views are completely separate. Views exist when someone either a guest, or a verified, or a registered user views your post. You get credit for everyone that views your posts. If there is a total limit to views, that would have to be well past 400 views on a post. I don’t think there is a limit on views, but you get credit for every view.

Just to be clear – share a post (your own or someone else) and you get one viril for sharing.

You get one viril for views, anyone that reads your post gives you a view.

Have a wonderful day!

  • Do you understand the difference between views on your posts, and the guest view notification?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?


Written by DocAndersen

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  1. Interesting article. The way I understand it “views on your post” would mean the total views both from Virily members and guest readers. A “guest view” I presume refers to somebody who is not member of the community.

    I am trying to tweet this but the share is not loading. Apology for taking long time to check your posts. Been pretty busy with day job. Manpower shortage.

  2. Now I see what’s wrong….. You called it “guest views” and not a viril for “referring a visitor” which are two completely different things, which both, btw, exist in the contrary to what you described to me, that it is a guest view that you get for sharing….. “Guest view” is a guest view and can only be called a guest view…!

    • If you were getting guest views you would receive a notification saying “1 guest view”, a referred visitor is something completely else… I’m SO glad to show you how WRONG you (often) are…..! You acted like I don’t know anything nor I know what I’m talking about, but…, I do know more than you, at least how (some of the) things work here…..

          • My advise is to read these rules quite carefuly before you make any claim or a statement, those rules which you “always stand for so tight” and which you obviously don’t know at all….. You don’t know eve their names…!
            So pay attention…, there is a difference between guest views and referred visitior…….:
            When you refer visitors…, straight from the FAQ…!:

            “Referring visitor you get 1 virils. There is a limit of 500/Day.
            Referring Signup you get 20 virils. There is a limit of 1000/Day. (Updated June 20, 2017)

            When Guest view your post you get 1 viril. There is a limit of 500/day.”


          • PPS What you described here isn’t clear enough, and most because you don’t know nor name properly these differences… One of them is also a share… You also don’t name properly what happens when you share someone else’s article and your own article… The text isn’t clear enough.

          • PPPS What I think is that you don’t get credit only for a “share”, a share is also only a share, but actually only is a person visits the site via the link you shared Then you get 1 Viril for referring a visitor….. I was getting a lot referring a visitor virils but not just for a share, but after a person visited the site via that link. So 3 shares are not 3 referred visitors, shares are shares, and you will probably get more referred visitor’s virils when other people visit the site via the link you shared…

          • ….. because if it was = a share you would get only that many referred visitors as many times you shared an article but sometimes you get more, or it is only the first visit of that link…

          • …..BUT! Whenever I shared my article I’m not sure I was getting any referred visitor only guest views, at least I don’t remember them… I know I was getting referred visitors when I shared my referral link to people, and I also heard if you add that number from that link at the end of the link of the Article you want to share you will Then and only then also get an additional referred visitor Viril (or a guest view, I’m not quite sure what a person who explained me that told me…)

          • I am very sorry you are this angry.

            Your post of the rules is 100% correct.

            The act of social sharing (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and for a few more days Google +) has the following rule:

            “Referring visitor you get 1 virils. There is a limit of 500/Day.
            Referring Signup you get 20 virils. There is a limit of 1000/Day. (Updated June 20, 2017)

            When Guest view your post you get 1 viril. There is a limit of 500/day.”

            You are correct on that.

            The limit is literally one per share now, Rather than the 500 limits shown in the rule.

            In the early days of Virily, I hit the limit a few times, but they stopped that because of system performance issues.

          • you still don’t understand… the 500 limit means you can earn daily 500 points for sharing referred links, so if you send to 501 people links and all of them open those links you will earn for “only” 500 of them and for that left one not..

            I’m not angry, I was cheering and just giving you proofs…

            i really now don’t know what are you talking about………! “shares”, “referrals”, “guests”, you mixed them up all, you even missed the point of everything i wrote.


          • i was getting referred visitor virils only for sharing my REFERRAL LINK and i never noticed i got them for sharing links of my articles – for that i was getting only GUEST VIEWS

          • you could ALWAYS get ONLY 1 REFERRED VISITOR Viril for a shared referral link, that was always the case!!! a referral link is the link written on your Profile page (referral link and referred sign ups) and not a link of your article. your article can BECOME a referral link only if you add the part of the referral link in your article link

          • Just the facts to be clear.
            (feel free to ask other long-time users)

            1. You used to get one viril per “referral” and then up to 500 of the views from that share. During the original performance issues, that was changed. Gary Biblio and others have talked about it a number of times.

            2. Now it i one to one, you share you get one Viril. I think that is fair, as people got to double dip up to 501 Virils. Fair change. Also the admins shared on the Facebook group that in fact, they turned it off because of site performance issues.

            Now, the issue of guest views, users, that click on the link shared to Twitter get the opportunity to log in and be a verified user. The 10 folks I did my testing with were all prompted to become users. I suspect the same is true of Facebook. I do not know if the same is true for Pinterest. Google + no longer matters as it is closing.

            Thanks for your clarification.


          • I can understand that Possibly you get a viril for one shared article – a referred visitor viril, but saying that with guest views it was doubled and not needed….. it is much more likely that the referred visitor virils are not needed and guest views are because the same link can be seen by 100’s of different people and not only one!!!, and that SHOULD BE REWARDED… you think virily doesn’t earn on that…? wrong.

          • They had to stop the process because it was causing site performance issues. I think stopping it to protect the site is fair.

            I am not sure you read my comment and i understand if you didn’t. They made this change roughly Feb 2018, the last time we had the huge performance issues with the Site.

            They shared that in the facebook group in late 2018.

          • the problem is not in facts but in your explanations, logic, and using of wrong terms or even mixing them up or not even mentioning them. your explanations are therefore not clear enough. it makes me doubt your “facts” therefore…
            those same things also made you to call me wrong, false, and everything else you said because of my -right- explanations…! the thing i am not familiar of what happened in the meantime with guest views and changing of referred visitor virils is not something you should call me like that and blame me because of…:
            1. i am not in the facebook group
            2. admins almost never answer to us, which is a well known fact that everyone complain about and no one of the users could know therefore couldn’t answer me about cancellation of guest views or changing the purpose of referred visitors
            3. it is not stated anywhere in the faq

            So…, a summary…..: I did not know about the change except I noticed there are no more guest views and that there is no more the number of shares in articles, which many noticed…

            Also I do not agree it is more fair now because Because of those shares on socials we all make this site more visited therefore the site is earning more, hundreds of people can visit this site because of that, and I believe this site earns on that quite enough while not giving us enough credit for it, except that 1 Viril… Giving you only 1 referred visitor Viril while you make it possible for other 500 people to visit the site is NOT fair… There is also the same 500 possibilities those same people to sign up – NOT JUST ONE!!!… It should not be canceled (guest views) it should be programmed differently and separated…!

          • If I understood you correctly, now you get a viril whenever you share an article…? And it is called a referred visitor viril? But you also get the same viril – referred visitor when you share your personal referred link (from the profile page)?

          • Gary was a spell checker replacement. My apologies.

            It is not the same as a referral link,

            1. I sent a link to a group of users via Twitter.
            When they opened it, I got one (referral viril)
            all of them were prompted to log into twitter
            they did
            then I got credit for the 4 people that read my link. (I have created twitter groups using a 3rd party add on) Each of the groups got links to a post each day. I choose different authors for each day.

            I did the same for several other authors and got the exact same result. It should be noted, that a non-verified user also did that for me. They got similar results but often didn’t get the first or initial share credit.

          • I guess it’s also “better” not to have -a pair- of doubled virils instead of 500 new guest visitors and virils….. That pair of doubled virils is “more expensive” than 500 guest views…….. So I guess you are “right”………

          • I don’t know that it is better. I am simply saying I understand why the site admins had to shut it off (if you recall and i sure you do) performance was horrible last year. They stopped the credit and performance got better.

            I would much prefer the original system, it took me almost three months to find other ways to replace those lost Virils. I was on average getting 200 or so Virils per day.

            Now to get that I have to read and share 200 posts. Several people have told me there is a way to earn 2000 or more Virils per day. I asked them not to tell me, it felt like the cheating issue we had over a year ago.

            To end, yes, you get one Viril per each referral, where a referral has to be a unique post. I have found you can get more than one viril, by sharing a post twice over the course of more than 24 hours.

          • See…, now you understand why people here open that many articles without reading all of them and it isn’t gaming the system… It wouldn’t be allowed that way if it was… Now you see how we all have to work here to earn… I never earned much from sharing, I just don’t know where you found that many readers on socials……, so my only work here is on this site only…

            Maybe it is something “legal”, you could have heard what it is…..

            Sometimes that happens, with read articles too, after some time, I think… :/

            What is an “original article”?

          • Building a large social following takes time and patience. It isn’t hard it just takes time.

            I am not sure where you got Original Article from, I was talking about the original system that awarded a viril for sharing, and then a viril for everyone that clicked the original shared link.

            I miss that system,

          • You mentioned it somewhere, or something like that, or it was the original Link…

            “… get one Viril per each referral, where a referral has to be a unique post. …..”

          • Unique post means any post on Virily, once per day. In other words, you can’t share to twitter the same post twice in five minutes. You have to wait until the next day.

          • Ok, thank you very much, it’s clear now. And sorry for the bad words, I just react like that when I notice someone is stubborn or similar while everything can be solved and understood with nice words… 😉

          • PS So just to be clear now – as a summary, no guest views (virils) but for every share (only) 1 referred visitor (except: 2 if shared in 24h), the same like you share your own personal referred link…? I wrote to the admin about this, shared your article with him to explain me better how things work now but no answer

  3. This is an interesting issue, especially when talking about virils, but the rest I think you already know why I rarely share my posts on social media, but I’ve started to share my paintings posts here again on Twitter and Pinterest, and as you know, I rarely visit all those platforms, so I don’t know the impact.

  4. Thanks for this clarification, Scott. BTW< I've noticed, since the up/downvote buttons were shrunk in size a few days ago, I can't seem to register an upvote within the post itself. But if I find the post listed (say in Latest, or Following), I can upvote it there.

  5. At least I think I understand. As for me it is no use to try to share posts as my internet presence is basically reserved for translation work and dictionnaries, one little facebook account that I barely use, my email, Virily and soon to be Hubpages. Yes Hubpages because Virily is getting very emotional and slow on some days. Not that I will ever leave it. I will always be here as long as it functions but because of some of its inadequacies I want to try my hand somewhere else. I am also a member of myLot but being a discussion board, my types of posts are not that engaging for that community. BTW congratulations on your accumulated virils.

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