Rules in life

It is no wonder people generally have political loyalty with their families, their jobs will also fit a pattern similar to their parents, and they will also live a life very similar to relatives born themselves. It is not anyone’s fault. That’s just the way the world works.

We are raised in certain ways and these standards become the rules that govern our lives. This still happens, even though, as you grow up and experience life, you may find these rules stifling and restrictive. You can get rid of them – that’s right – but that’s absolutely not an easy task.

Most people never wonder about the “rules” imposed on themselves, so, for anyone who walks out of the circle, creating their own rules will be considered eccentric. . As I said above, it is not because they are jealous, but because they are automated, like computers that cannot program and shutdown themselves. They do not know that there are many principles we are taught without having to follow, even with anyone.One of the most interesting comments I told at the beginning of the article was that I went to the gym. When I returned to work after more than a week of childbirth, I also practiced the gym again. I go to practice 6 times a week. In my schedule, I spend about 1 hour a day for the gym, and the gym right on the way home is nothing too big. But everyone around me grew up in a pattern that after I had children, I had to postpone everything around my life, out of work. What do these damn rules live on? If I have to teach my children that if they have children, they have to give up everything they love in life – so sad.

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  1. Humm, I am a bit confused. Maybe I am a bit of nonconformist. If a rule doesn’t make sense to me I often choose to not follow it at all. I think the first sentence I must have learned was “I am the boss of me!” and it stuck. ?

    March to the beat of your own heart.


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