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Roe deer-the most frequent inhabitant of our forests

Roe deer is best known in forests with dense undergrowth and scrub. The mosaic intertwine of meadows, pastures and fields with small forests corresponds most to her. In this century, deer has also adapted to life in open fields. Roe deer is widespread and frequent from the seashore to the upper forest boundary. By the second half of the 19th century, Slovene territory was scarce and was about a hundred times less than today. It began to become more frequent by extensively cutting out the rainforests and growing scrubs and diluting large carnivores. It lives throughout Europe to the north of Scandinavia, the Urals and Asia Minor. I was painting these beautiful animals not far from my home when they were beautifully walking on the nearby meadow.

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    Is there a roe deer in your country?

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    Is not that a beautiful animal?

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    • Thanks for viewing and friendly comment, dear Lacho….in our country they live in a natural environment … they have multiplied that they already cause damage in the fields and also in the village you see them

  1. We have deer in New Zealand that was originally imported and they are considered a pest in our forests.
    As far as some people are concerned they are dinner on the table as my brother Denis and dad often went and shot them in our forests for food. Denis still does.
    I like the animal for itself and I don’t want to kill it, but it shouldn’t be here,
    They eat our forrest and threaten our delicate environment of NZ
    However, they caught deer and now they are farmed commercially for meat and if not killed for meat they use the antlers of the deer for velvet.

  2. We have white tailed deer. This one is mainly in Europe from what I read. Also from the Mediterranean to Scandinavia, from Scotland to the Caucasus, and east to northern Iran and Iraq.
    They are beautiful animals

    • Thanks for viewing and friendly comment, dear Carol…I read it so … it has spread widely in our country … it is quite dangerous to ride on some sections of the roads so as not to break the car … they graze on the adjacent meadow

    • Thanks for viewing and friendly comment, my friend…..but in our country it has been so much that it is already causing danger on the roads and damages in the fields …. they will determine the killing

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