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Rice flowers at the end of March

Every March I returned to the red rice flower. These days, red rice flowers have a peaceful angle, swarms of swarms, and winding roads add to the fanciful beauty of the rice flower season. In March, the sky is clear like pearls, clean soil like wiping with the red color of rice flowers makes someone seem to be lost in the fanciful realm. March is the season of blooming rice, the first appearance is the dark green buds and speckled spots that show off the first red petals. The weather in this season is cool, people seem to have more time and emotions to watch the day-to-day changes of rice petals.

Childhood, every day to go to school, still go through a winding road with rice trees, with big trees, young trees, trees with many flowers, trees with many canopy, still picking up the rice petals falling like dream about fanciful days. Following the breeze, the rice flakes fluttered gently carrying tiny grains of sparkling rice. Kapok is waterproof, so when it falls to the river, it floats like a dreamy boat. In March, there were cold days that made me question in the old rice roots. Remembering a time when the hair was left behind, I still remembered and remembered the girls of pure laughter like the wind when I picked up the petals of rice and set them on my hair, remembering the young green fields, about the paths with couple Take each other’s hands under the rice flower.

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