Responding to Ghostwriters call for responses!!!

I think, at this point, it is critical to share what we know and don’t know. Speculation does nobody any good at this point.

  1. Comments are not broken. We can still make comments on any post.
  2. Comments are still saved in the system and appear on your post.
  3. The authors cannot see comments and reply to them. The same is true of reading the posts of others. We cannot see the comments.

Let’s be careful overall that we don’t dive too far into speculation. It can be very stressful, and I would love for the admin team actually to communicate a path or plan. I suspect, after all my years in IT, that I have learned three simple rules.

  1. Communicate information when you can
  2. Document how things were built
  3. Make sure you communicate changes

I guess today is the list day. I don’t know why sometimes I get lost in lists. I like organizing things on lists sometimes. Sometimes I do not! Anyway thanks for reading and a double thanks to everyone that leaves a comment. When comments return (they are simply not visible, likely due to a DB issue on the site) I promise to return all of them!

Have a great Friday!

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    Let’s try to stick to facts!

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    There is much we can find that is positive right?

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    we will come out the other side…

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