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Removing useless friends in social media

It is common for a user of social media to have a big number of friends particularly in Facebook where the number of friend seems to be a barometer of success. And most likely there are friends that you really do not know which was a result of the so called rainbow connection – a friend of a friend of a friend.

When a certain friend is not being useful anymore then it is about time to remove him. One reason is the inactivity that there is not interaction with you anymore like your posts are being ignored and even your comments to his post get no reaction from him. Another reason is a friend who keeps on posting political items to promote his candidate. There are also those who share fake news and false information. Those undesirables have no place in my friends list so they go straight to the trash bin.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. I really do not have that many friends on facebooks and most of the ones I do have are very special to me. I have had people suggest add this person and that person. I find that I had people I did not remember why I added them so unfollowed them.

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