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Remember that period?

Perestroika is the common name for the reforms and the new ideology of the USSR leadership, which marks the radical changes in the economic and political structure of the state in the second half of the 1980s. They were designed by order of the Secretary General of the CPSU Central Committee, Yuri Andropov and were initiated by Mikhail Gorbachev in 1985. The beginning of the reorganization is considered to be in April 1985, and in January 1987 a plenum of the CPSU Central Committee was officially announced as a direction for the development of the state.

In November 1964, after a decade marked by attempts to reform and condemn Stalinism, the moderately conservative wing of the USSR’s top party leadership elevated Leonid Brezhnev to the CPSU. From the outset, his rule was characterized by the strengthening of the authoritarian-bureaucratic system, the cult of his personality, and the gradual restalinization, ie. mitigating criticism of the Stalinist model of government and of Stalin’s personality. With this, the country is slowly but irreversibly entering a period of political, social and economic stagnation.

The party nomenclature is asserted as a hereditary political oligarchy in accordance with the Iron Law of the Oligarchy, which usurps all levers of power and exhibits minimal, if almost no, inclination to reform in any sphere of public life. Members of the Politburo, whose average age is 75 in the late 1970s, are not capable of changing their thinking and working methods. They live in isolation from society and have no real idea of the plight of most people.

The status quo in the country’s political system seems frozen and unlikely to change in the near future. It is based on the privileges and benefits of relatively broad sections (up to 10 percent) of society that provide sufficient social support to sustain the political system. This status quo invariably blocks the further development of the economy and of society as a whole.

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These are Russian dolls with one of the great men in Russia. I used them to take a picture of the post. They are very old and are not for sale now on the market.

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