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Red Betel ~ Silhouette Saturday

For at least the last three weeks, I have been thinking about the challenge of the silhouette that I forgot to post on what day?

Geez. Apparently Saturday! and that is the Silhouette Saturday Challenge. In general, if I forget a certain weekly challenge on what day, I will write the day in the box search, but out of curiosity, I wrote a silhouette for this time. So, here is the photo.

This is a silhouette of red betel plants in the backyard. I took this picture about a week ago. For me, red betel leaves are very valuable because of their usefulness.

Sttt… it’s been more than 15 minutes from my promise to take a break and go to bed, so I will immediately log out and sleep after drinking this red betel leaf stew. See you very soon.

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  1. I got all interested when I saw your title to this viral because my brother and I were talking about the betel plant because of its reputation for offsetting radiation and we were wondering about the viability of growing it as a houseplant. However, your photo shows it only in silhouette.

    Someday I hope you will post a photo of it in bright light and talk about its possible uses.

  2. You too can forget something dear friend? … I can not believe … I hope tea helped you and you fell asleep well … I also have rosemary and rman in the garden, if you know something

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